Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bye bye babies~

It was a very full day here on the farm, thankfully, with nobody getting hurt--although there was one calf that kept charging at us and who took about 15 minutes to decide to finally go in the trailer where we wanted her!

This picture is from when the guys were getting in a few cull cows and some of our bottle-fed stock calves to sell. We loaded them up before going out to get the rest of the herd in...

Don't our guys look a lot alike from the back when they're decked in coveralls? I got my dad and Andrew mixed up once today, when just looking at "Him" from the side! :)

We had a bit of trouble getting the cows to walk up the alleyway, the biggest problem being my dog, Lady, wanted to be near us, so she was sitting in the alleyway and the cows didn't want to get too close to her, so just stood there and stared. Lady stared back and wouldn't leave, so I finally had to go pick her up and lock her in the barn! Then the cows all rushed in ever so nicely.

We sorted all the cows and bulls out first, then began sorting out the bigger steers. We saved a few of the nice heifers back to add to our herd(s), and also kept some of the smaller calves. They're now locked in a separate pen so we can feed them better...

Dad was able to haul 14 calves at a time with this rig:
And Andrew hauled in 11 each time with this one:
And they're off! Bye bye babies~

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*~Virginia~* said...

I LOVE cows!!! So much! I really miss seeing them! I havent seen any for awhile, being out here in CA....
How have you been lately? I've missed looking at your blog! :D