Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The trucks are coming...

Tomorrow will be a busy day here on the farm! First, the guys will set up one of the grain cleaners and then clean 3 semi-loads full of our wheat so it will be ready to go when the 3 trucks come sometime tomorrow afternoon. We will still have wheat left over to sell to individuals, but we're pretty sure we won't get 3 semi-loads sold directly, this year anyway! I wonder how many loaves of bread could be made with that much wheat? Tons I'm sure.

I spent most of my day babysitting Amelia, James and Michael. :) They sure are busy little people and kept me hopping with coloring, puzzling, and snacking, until nap time, when I too could easily have fallen asleep. It is so nice to have neighbors nearby who have little children!

That's about all that's new here, except that Andrew sold another computer today to a man in Napoleon who came this evening to get it. He's also sending one to Bismarck tomorrow with Mother, as he sold one to somebody up there.....

Well, have a great Thursday and a good night now,

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