Sunday, February 27, 2011

Will it stay on?

I'm having troubles getting onto the Internet tonight, so we'll see if this gets posted tonight or not!

We had a great day, mostly...

Dad helped me with my taxes this morning and afternoon. I would have been LOST without him!!!

Then at 2:00 this afternoon, my mom had a meeting to talk about BodyTalk with a clients' friends at the clients' (who is a friend of ours!) house. There was a good turnout and, after the meeting was over (it lasted a couple hours...), and after the others had gone, Mom, our friend, and myself had a long talk about life....... We didn't head for home until nearly 7:00.

On our way back home, I was driving our "New" vehicle when I came over the hill just South of our farm and came face to tail with a skunk! I didn't hit him, but must have scared him pretty bad, as there's quite a bad aroma hanging over the farm tonight. Phew!

So, other than that, it was a great day! :)

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Dearest Cora,

Thanks so much for all of your help before, during, and after the meeting! You made the day so special for me!!!!!!!!!!
Love you bunches,
PS. Thanks for driving too although I think that wasn't too tough. :)