Thursday, February 10, 2011

The sunshine room...

Have you ever heard of Dr. Mercola's Sunsplash tanning machine(s)? Well, my Mom has read a lot about the health benefits of them (you can get Vit. D in the Winter months too and stay happy and healthy!) and decided a couple months ago (when she'd saved up her money!) to order 2 of the standing machines: 1 for here at home for us all to use if we so desire and 1 for up in the room she's renting that she used to have her office in. (It's just across the hall from her current office.)

Our guys mounted 1 of the units a while back, but not many people have used it yet, as the room isn't really set up...

(The sign in the hallway window. :) )

We frequently find good deals on BisManOnline and yesterday, my dad found a really good buy on some used office cubicles. They ended up being located only a few blocks away from where my mom's office is, so we didn't even have to haul them very far.

Today, while Mom was doing sessions in the other room, the fellas and I assembled about half of the pieces of "Wall" to make a separate area in the back of the room for people to use the SunSplash in. We're not sure what we'll use the rest of the material for...?

Several of the pieces are very tall!

Dad, holding the wall section in place while Andrew Alan-wrenches it together. :)


This picture:

...reminds me of THIS SONG!

Here is a picture of Mother in her office with the portable wall we built in the background. This side of the wall is the waiting room side and the other side is where she does her BT sessions. There is a really pretty cream colored rose pattern on the other side, but I didn't get a picture of that today for some reason....
While Mom was busy with clients, the rest of us ran all over town doing errands. We went to the library for a while; Dad got some tax forums; the guys wanted to stop at Precision Small Engines to check on how much a new motor for our big lawn mower would cost (and it costs WAY too much, so they'll look at getting a used one!); we went to NAPA for some parts; also to another mechanical sort of place that I can't remember the name of right now; the guys took me to KT Animal Supply so I could buy 5 fish for my aquarium; we went to an auto sales/workshop place so Andrew could ask advice for some pickup problems he was having, which proved to just be a bad design on the part of Dodge; Dad met up with a guy named Dave (another BisMan deal) and bought a stronger compressor for the shop air compressor (is that what it's called, guys?); we went to Sams for a few items; also to Staples for labels for our grains; and then we picked Mom back up and she took us out to the Texas Roadhouse for supper, as she'd been wanting to do that for a few months now as a thank you for what we've done to help her get her office set up. We were all SO FULL when we left there, and yet, when we got home and Mom was washing up for milking, I began to think of what I should make for supper, as it's just such a habit to do so. :)
That was our busy day! I hope you all had a productive 24 hours as well.


Sonja said...

heeehhee... Well my 24 hours certainly wasn't as productive as yours! But it sounds as if you all enjoyed yourselves! :-)

Rachel said...

Your mom's office looks great! :D I pray her business will go well! :) Love the cute sign! ;)

Aww, you got more fishies?! :D Neat! Hmm, how many fish do you have now? :)

Mmm, never been to a Texas Roadhouse restaurant before. But we're usually full after going to those nice kinds of restaurants too. ;) HeHe! We end up taking some home sometimes. I had to chuckle when you said you thought of what to make for dinner. I do that as well. ;) Lol! But, at least that means it's gotten to be a good habit, right? :) *grin*

Blessings and Hugs my dear! :D