Friday, February 18, 2011

Pushing snow, Valentines cream, and wheat screenings....

I just got my pictures on my computer now and have some to share from this last week:

This was either on Monday or Tuesday, when it was really nice and warm outside and we went out to push the snow off the second floor of our future storage shed...

I should say, we pushed and threw the snow off! (See Lady up there with us? :) )
It was a big job, but it went quickly with the 4 of us working on it!
At this point, Dad sent me to the shop to find a large broom to sweep most of this water off with!
This is the cream we separated on Valentines day... We always date the cream, so Andrew suggested using the following to label that days' work. :)

Oh, and here's a picture of our guys cleaning our wheat into our semi---to later be loaded onto the Kansas-bound truckers' semi when he arrived....
The screenings were dumped into our white truck and Andrew hauled a load to town yesterday and our parents hauled another third of a load in this afternoon. They took a long time in town and, when they returned, they had quite a surprise for us!!!
But, I'm pretty sure that Mother will wish to post pictures of the surprise before I do, so you'll have to be curious for a little while until she has the time to write!
It was a good, busy day here, with the guys loading up the 3rd semi (only 2 came yesterday) and then Andrew going up to Steele to buy some new empty totes to put the remaining cleaned wheat in to sell directly to customers. They then filled the totes as quickly as possible, as it was getting late and Dad needed to go load up a load of grain for a farmer neighbor yet... Jacob helped me clean the house and Mother and I prepared the feast, once she got back from town and got done showing us the------the surprise. :)
Life is so good~

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