Monday, April 30, 2012

Splashin' mud...

I got my car nice and dirty today!  ...."Broke it in real good", as the guys would say.  The gravel roads are very challenging to drive on this year, with huge muddy ruts by every swamp or lake.  With all the rain we've had lately (for which we're truly grateful!), the roads were especially bad as I headed over to the M's to babysit "My" little girls. 

It ended up being quite nice out this afternoon and the little girls and I went for a walk/stroller ride again and then Johanna and I drew/scribbled on the sidewalk with chalk.   It was a pretty nice, quite day...

When I got home, I learned that another of my goats had kidded, having twin bucklings.  We are now half done kidding.  :) 

This will be the turkeys' second night outside.  They all made it through the night last night, so hopefully the same will be true this time!   It sure is quieter and less smelly inside now.

Andrew had another something on his car-trailer when I got home too.  I imagine he'll be writing about that soon...

Well, I think that's all the new news.  Check the post below for pictures from Saturday.....

Good night all.~


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....I spent the day with a great friend on Saturday (AKA: Miranda Geiger)! Only a true friend wakes up at 5:30AM, crawls out of a nice warm bed, and drives approx. 10 miles (in mud and rain) to pick you up----then takes you out to a coffee shop and chats with you for the next 2 hours. :) Wonderful times!!! We also later attended the midwifery meeting and voted on what we think ought to be done there... Then it was back to the Geigers' to eat the dirt-cake we'd made for Miranda's siblings' birthdays..... And then that evening, Miranda delivered me safely out to the Hwy. where my mom and brother were waiting. We got home around 11:30PM. Long day? Yes, but so worth it!!!!

Dirt cake---yummy!!!

Andrew and Moses, visiting in the dark...

Miranda and I had such a wonderful time, even though we got pretty tired!

My faithful friend~

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I was going to post pictures here, but they're not loading for some reason, so it will have to wait for another time.........

Right now, it's late and I need to turn this machine off, so I'll wish you all a good night and be gone.~

Saturday, April 28, 2012

This day...

...was spectacular!

 But, as the day began very early and is ending pretty late, my only desire now is to crawl under the covers; pull the covers over my head so I don't hear the turkeys little cheepy sounds; and fall fast asleep!  So, that is what I will do.~

Friday, April 27, 2012

Recipe for Elegant Rhubarb Pie

Give this special Spring pie a try!

This is my B. Grandma's recipe, although the recipe calls for sugar and I substitute honey....

1 1/2 cups sugar (I use a little more than 3/4 cup honey instead)
2 Tbsp. flour (heaping Tbsps. if the rhubarb is juicy---which it is this time of year!)
1/4 tsp. salt

Then mix in:
2 Tbsp. soft butter
2 eggs

4 cups rhubarb (peeled and cut in pieces)

Mix all this together and put in pastry lined 9" pie pan.  Cover with top crust.  Slit and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.  Bake 'til done (I bake mine at 350F for 45 minutes).

You'll probably want to at least double this recipe, as this pie quickly disappears!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I made some Spring pie!

Jacob helped me, actually, by cutting up the fresh rhubarb I'd picked.     Do I hear anyone saying "Delicious"?  ;)

Jacob also helped Mom and I today by spreading a large spreader-full of manure on our garden area and then working it in!   We'll wait a few days to plant yet, as there's talk of snow tomorrow night.  Yes, SNOW.

Andrew came home tonight, due to the high likelihood of rain tomorrow.  It's good to have him home!

We kept the turkeys in the house today as it was actually pretty cold out (coverall weather)...   God sure made versatile weather here in ND----80 degrees one day and 40 degrees tops a couple days later.

Jacob's calf, Tyler escaped on us overnight and we had to go in search of him this morning to feed him his milk.  He was actually out with the main stock cow herd!  We weren't sure we'd recognize him, but when we walked out towards the herd, a black calf came towards us and started sucking on Jacob, so we knew we'd found him.  :) 

Well, I'm off to dreamland......  Dreaming of eating rhubarb pie for breakfast................

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It was another busy farming day here.  Dad and Jacob worked in the fields and Mother and I worked in our greenhouse (it's 3/4ths planted now!). 

Andrew is still helping our friend, Dave.... 

The turkeys enjoyed being outside very much today, until it started to cool off, that is.  Then they were plenty content to be inside. 

And now, we are all so very tired once again.   It must be time to sleep!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"It's a great big job when you're working on a farm..."

Those lyrics are from a song my brothers and I used to sing a LOT, and the words still ring true today!

(Chorus)...."When you gotta' be big and you gotta' be quick and you gotta' watch out that the plow doesn't stick.  When you gotta' be tough and you gotta' be strong----'cause this is one big job that lasts a whole year long....  

 Well, we're up with the sun and out in the fields, raising up the crops for their highest yields.  Plowin' and a plantin' and a bailin' up a storm.... It's a great big job when you're workin' on a farm. 

Gotta tractor out here and he's workin' all day, a pullin' and a pushin' and a towin' things away, then it's in from the fields and back to the barn....It's a great big job when you're workin' on a farm."

My dad spent the whole day working up some of the West ground (he got a whole quarter done!).   He brought the tractor home tonight and was just South of Kintyre when he ran out of fuel.   Thankfully, he had his cell phone along and was able to call Jacob and have him bring several gallons of fuel out so Dad could make it home.

My mom left early (after making lunches for 3 people) and went to Bismarck, just returning about an hour ago.   Her trip was less eventful than the last time she headed to the city (when she ran out of gas, due to her vehicle's troubles), although she did have a little excitement when she realized she didn't have her office keys and we searched everywhere they would have been, all to no avail.  Finally, I wrote our friends (who helped her get gas in her vehicle last week) and asked if they'd found any keys?  The answer:  YES!   Problem solved.

I talked to Andrew on the phone tonight and he said things went really well there for "Farmer Dave" and him.  It was a little after 9PM and they were just heading to Bosch's Bayside for some supper.

Jacob helped me all morning with projects and then loaded and spread manure all afternoon.  He had to feed cows tonight; then helped me again with loading lumber onto his pickup; and was in the house only a little while when he received Dad's SOS call and headed back out to fill a couple fuel-cans....

This morning, Jacob and I took off all the old boards from our deck, as Dad bought lumber so we can make our deck safe again.   That took a while.   He also  helped me round up 4 cattle-panels and wire them together to make a pen for our turkeys.  I spent most of the afternoon getting a sunburn while cat-proofing the pen, meaning weaving some twine in and out of the cattle-panels and the snow-fence (which has little holes, too small for turkeys to escape from or kitties to enter the pen either, hopefully).   Then, I used the netting from our old trampoline to cover the top of the pen and had to weave that all together too---just in case cats get on top of the pen or the turkeys would try to fly out....    After I had the bottom part finished, I hauled the 15 turkeys out to their new pen so they could start enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while I finished their pen.  You should have seen them JUMP when our 2 grown toms came over and GOBBLED a loud greeting!!!   After several more gobbles, they quit running around and started exploring their pen.  I brought them all back inside for the night, as it still gets pretty cool overnight.  Even though they've tripled in size since I got them, they're still babies!

Speaking of babies, another of my goats (the sister to the doe that kidded a couple days ago) kidded today!   She had a colorful buckling who seems to be healthy----and even happy, once I held his Mama so he could figure out how to nurse.   :)   I sat down in the goats' freshly-thrown hay for a while (while literally watching the gate for Jacob so the cows didn't come out) and my 3-day-old white kid came up to me and started nibbling on me and jumped in my lap several times.  I praise God for the miracle of new life!

Monday, April 23, 2012

I forgot to tell you about my kid!

Yes, yesterday my yearling goat, Annie Oakley had a beautiful white doeling.  :)   I'm trying to think of a good name now.....?

I spent a good portion of this day over babysitting "My" little girls.   It was so lovely outside!  We took a long walk/stroller ride and then sat in the shade of the apple trees and played with dead leaves, twigs, and grass.  Fun times!

The boys spent the day spreading manure on the fields again.  Dad was over at the Hazelton land, working up some of those fields.   Mom baked bread and kept things going at home, then ran a part over to Dad, which the man at Titan happened to get wrong and so she brought Dad home as it was getting late anyway and they'll get the part in the morning. 

Andrew will be leaving us for a week+? to help farmer Dave put in his organic crops over by Linton.  He stays at Dave's place while working for him, so we probably won't see Andrew until Saturday and then, come Sunday, he'll probably be gone again.......unless God wills it otherwise and sends a big rainstorm?

Mom is going to Bismarck tomorrow, so she plans to drop Dad (and the right part for the disc) off at the field on her way and somebody will have to go pick him up later in the evening.  

I have lots of things I hope to accomplish tomorrow.   We'll see how many actually get done though.  :)  Let's see....................   
The turkeys need to get outside, which means someone needs to build them a pen that's cat-proof;
The greenhouse can be planted anytime now;
The goats need to be bedded down;
The deck needs to be completely rebuilt (Dad bought supplies yesterday from the money he made from selling his motorcycle);
The boards on the swingset also need to be replaced and then painted/varnished;
......and I'm sure there's more that needs "Doing" too.    I hope Jacob will be able to help me, but he may be needed in the fields too?

Life is never boring when you live on a farm!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nearly ready...

After Mom, my brothers and I worked most of the afternoon in the greenhouse, it is now nearly ready to be planted.  We added "Fertilizer---from the animals" and Andrew got his mower working and hooked up to the big tiller and tilled the largest areas.  The boys also built the back doors and installed them.  It was very warm inside!!!  All that's left is tilling around the edges with the small tiller, then we can plant. 

I went over to our neighbors' at 5:30 to watch their 4 children so the parents could go with some friends to Bismarck to watch "October Baby", which I've heard is a really good movie.   We played Hide-and-Seek outside for about an hour, then went inside and played it some more until we'd exhausted all the possible hiding places.  Then we played roll-the-ball-tag for a while.  It was fun.  They didn't want to go to bed at 8:30 (which was when their Mama told me their bedtime was), but they eventually got there and fell asleep.   The house sure was quite then until 10:30 when their parents came home!  Mr. & Mrs. S. said the movie was very good....   Has anyone else watched it yet?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mission Greenhouse!

The guys at last had a break from all their other work and covered the greenhouse frame with plastic today (no small job, I assure you, and not a very safe one either!). They secured the plastic better this time with added boards on the top and sides, so hopefully it will last longer than it did last year as the plastic covering will not be flapping in the wind. :) HOORAY! They still have a couple doors to reinstall, but it got too late to finish that tonight, so the plan is to finish up on Sunday. I can hardly wait to dig in the dirt again! While out helping the guys with a couple parts that they needed help with, I was pleased to see how well the strawberries (I planted last year) are coming up---many more plants that I planted... I was also very happy to see that the Lily bulbs that Sarah K. shared with me last Fall are now peeking out. Spring is so wonderful!

Tomorrow ought to be fun... We've been invited to a bowling party for some new friends of ours' sons' 9th birthday. As we haven't bowled in 7 or 8 years, our expectations of knocking down lots of pins aren't too high, but we'll have lots of fun trying, I'm sure. ;)

I had to make an addition to our turkey pen today, as their current home was getting quite crowded for 15 quickly growing birds. They've now taken up strutting and fighting. It's pretty cute to see a tiny little bird, half feathers and half fluff, strut around like he owns the world! I added another large box (the other half of the box that our trampoline came in) and it didn't take long for the turkeys to realize they had more room and they went fly-jumping from one end to the other and back again. Silly birds!

Mother had quite the adventurous day.... To make a long story short, the guys thought they'd found what was wrong with her Pacifica (when you fill the gas tank, it says it's full, but when you drive a while and it gets down to about half full, all of a sudden the gauge reads "Empty" and you only have a couple minutes before you run out of gas entirely!). Apparently, they didn't get the problem fixed however, as Mother was in sight of the gas-station this morning when her car died... It was out of gas (or actually, it's not drawing from the other half of the tank). She had clients to meet, so Dad called a taxi for her and later this afternoon, when Mom was done at her office, some dear friends came and picked her up; took her to her Pacifica; put a little gas in the tank; and Mom then was able to drive to the station and fill up. I guess her car still needs a little work?

Well, friends, those were the highlights of our day. There was much more that happened, but that was all the usual kind of stuff that occurs on a farm......

Until tomorrow then,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So long, fare well....

I said several "Goodbye, for now"s at the nursing home tonight. It was sad. I'll go back there from time to time though, so it's not like saying "Goodbye" forever.

After Clarissa and I hugged goodbye, she said, "Now, remember to come back!!!" She's going to come buy a goat from us soon, so I'll for sure see her then and also at her baby shower in June.

My friend, April walked outside with me as we were parked on the same side of the building and we visited for a while out in the cool evening air. She wants to come see our farm she wants me to come to her graduation...

When Rose heard it was my last scheduled day there, she teased me about being naughty and leaving them, then patted me on the cheek. :)

There is a time for everything... A time to work with the elderly and a time to work with the young!

I've learned so much (many technical things and also about relationship skills) in the last two years and am grateful for the experience I had as a CNA, but I'm also very grateful for this new door that God has opened in my life----to care for 2 sweet little girls in their home out in the country! I'm sure there's much to be learned in this time/way of life also and trust God to give me the wisdom that will most definitely be needed!

Indeed, it is a wonderful (and interesting) life!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tomorrow is my last day... a part-time CNA at the Napoleon Care Center. I'll still go in on a PRN basis----as needed, as I have time to do so. It's sad in some ways and exciting in others.... :)

I took my car to town to work again today. It purred right along all the way there and all the way back home, the return journey being made in a little misty rain shower. I'm so thankful to have my own vehicle once again!

The turkeys are growing and growing. It's about time to make an addition to their little box house! Hopefully the days will be warm enough soon so we can get them outside. They had started to fly out of their box (which is in the kitchen), so I had to get a piece of a metal-bar kennel to lay on top so they can see out but can't get out...

Well, I need some sleep, so will say goodnight to you all. "Good night". ~

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"The great giveaway"...

My brother, Andrew is hosting a giveaway on his blog to celebrate his 3rd year of blogging. It's quite a good one with good options for anyone/everyone! You still have a few days in which you can enter....

Please visit his blog HERE to enter his drawing.

It's nice having such a handy person as my very own brother. ;)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures from the last couple of weeks...

I uploaded my pictures, finally, and have several to share. Enjoy~

Jacob's bottle calf, Tyler, soaking up some fresh air in his little barn bubble:
Here is a picture of Mom (in her barn gear) standing by the newly repaired and restickered mailbox..... (I don't remember if I told you all about the mailbox getting knocked over a while back by the disc when Mom was done with the field? Well, she's grateful that the guys fixed it for her, as she doesn't have any desire to learn how to weld).....
Lady and I, after morning chores were nearly finished...Our little house on the prairie---and a (prairie?) chicken: :)
Here is one of our 2 grown tom turkeys:
...and here is what our little turkeys look like now,
...compared to what they looked like about 10 days ago!
The following are pictures from about a week ago when we had our friends, Jared H. and Karen E. here and we were showing them around the farm...
They thought it was neat to be so close to the heifers/cows...
Andrew, getting his cow, Sally in...
Andrew, showing Jared how to milk his cow, Sally....
...and Andrew, watching as Jared milks his cow, yes, Sally. :)
Karen thought it was fun to feed little Tyler his bottle...
Then we spent a lot of time on the swings, merry-go-round, and trampoline...Fun times!
Today was busy, again. The boys worked in the shop most of the time, although we did work on taking some boards off the greenhouse and wrapping up some of the old plastic. Hopefully we can get the new plastic on there soon and get the ground "Fertilized" and worked up so we can plant!!!
Well, I hope you all liked the peek into our lives... I'll try to do better about posting pictures as they're taken. ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new addition to our kitchen...

...arrived today. It was born to a cow out in the cold, wet weather and my family found it freezing cold. SO, it is now residing in our kitchen, beside the boxful of cheeping turkeys, hopefully to return to a healthy, happy calf by morning! The moisture is a great blessing and is what we've been asking God for, but it is also hard on little calves that are being born...

The GREAT news is that Andrew (and the other guys helped too) got my car running this morning and I was able to drive it to work today!!!!!!! :) It still needs a little more work done on it and some new tires put on, but it's drivable now anyway. "Thank you so much, fellas!!!!!!" I like my little blue/grey car!

It was a busy night at work and I'm tired. My dad is still up finishing up some tax work he is doing for the lady we rent some of our land from.... The others are just now heading for bed. It sounds like it's been a busy day on the farm.

Praise the Lord, it's raining!!!

We need the rain badly, as I know I've mentioned before... What a wonderful thing it is to listen to the chorus of raindrops falling to the ground and splashing outside my windows!

I had a very nice, peaceful day today. Slept in; played piano; listened to a sermon with my family; jumped on the trampoline with my brothers; went gopher hunting with the same people; then ate supper and watched a nice, long movie. :) Mother took a nice long nap this afternoon and Dad spent a good portion of the day up in Bismarck. His Mom had called and asked if he'd come help make sure Grandpa got in and out of their vehicle safely, as he's not very strong right now (he was actually in the hospital for a couple days) and needed to go for Dialysis again today, so, Dad went. He got home around 4:00PM.

Our turkeys are having fun escaping now at the rate of about 4 a day. By escaping, I mean flying out of their box. When Mom and I got in from morning chores, I walked into the bathroom and Mom told me then that I had a little follower----a baby turkey that had flown out. :) I guess it's time to find some kind of netting or metal grill to put over the top of the box!

I have several pictures to post one of these days....

Please, have a wonderful new week.~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Golden 10...

That's the name of the game we were just playing for nearly 2 hours.... We play it with Rook cards and the object of the game is to not get points (which you get whenever you get a red card in a trick) and also to capture the yellow (or golden) #10 card, as that will deduct 10 points from your score! I thought it was pretty fun, but Mom didn't like it so well and finally went to bed. :) The remaining 4 of us ended the game with pretty close scores. Fun times!

This was a busy day.... Dad went to Napoleon for supplies and he and the boys spent most of the day working on fixing my car! Hooray!!! We also played the literal game of "Who owes who what?" and tried to get squared up again.

Mom and I cleaned the house (and the turkeys' house/box) and also doctored our first kid of the year, although he ended up not making it. :( In a way, we're glad as we will have more milk this way. Also, 2 of my turkeys that were runty and didn't seem to get going died, but the 15 others are looking very well and are now doing their best to discover what is on the other side of the box!

I did quite a bit of cooking/baking today. I made a cherry cheesecake (first mixed up a batch of graham crackers for the crust and also made sweetened condensed milk); a batch of buns; and a double batch of tortillas for the tacos we had for supper. Yummy!

It was so nice to all be on the farm together today. Tomorrow, we invited 2 families to come over for the afternoon/supper, but it sounds like only 1 will be able to make it now.

I will close with a quote we read today:

"Aspire to inspire before you expire!"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I saw a few raindrops falling from the sky tonight...

I was afraid they'd forgotten how to come down out of the sky! The farmers are concerned. No rain means no growing crops. There's also concerns about fires-----there was one today while I was in Napoleon working. I hear the alarm, but never heard more about it... It could have been hard to deal with in all this WIND! God has a plan though. We ask Him to send the rain, but if His answer is "No", then I'm sure He will make a way as He has done so many times in the past.

I have a prayer request from a coworker friend of mine tonight as well... Her husband needs to find work in the next couple of weeks or else they are going to have to put their house up for sale. She asked for prayer and told me and another coworker friend that this all has brought her a lot closer to God and she's started reading His word now and spending some time every morning with the Lord. PTL! If you'd join me in praying for her husband to get a job, that would be wonderful!

It was a very long day for me, leaving home at 8:00 this morning and getting home at 11:00 tonight, spending most of those hours at the nursing home. I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday and I can stay home (and maybe even sleep in a little bit?).

Sweet dreams~

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New, old materials to study...

This evening, while working at the nursing home, one of the residents (a friend of my mom and brothers' from a while back who they met through Mr. Stevens and the John Birch Society) gave me several old VHS tapes of great freedom talks produced by the JBS and other places too. Sometimes the old things are the best things, so it will be interesting to watch them....

I have to get to bed pretty quick tonight, as I need to be back at the nursing home in the morning at 8:30 for 3 1/2 hours of mandatory training/meetings and then, after lunch, I work the rest of the day there too.

So, good night; God bless; farewell; and may sweet dreams be yours! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mary had a little lamb...

A friend of mine just shared this with me and I wish to share it with all of you as well...

Monday, April 9, 2012

The 17 baby turkeys are all doing well...

...and so are we:

Dad and Andrew cleaned grain.

Mom and Jacob worked on school/things around the farm.

I baked bread this morning and worked at the nursing home this afternoon/evening.

The cows and goats consumed their hay, grain and water.

The dogs and cats ate their dog/cat food and drank fresh milk.

The chickens and 2 big turkeys roamed the farm yard, in search of ticks and the like.

And, the fish blew bubbles. :)

I imagine God saying, "And it was very good"....and I agree!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Supper's done and the dishes washed...

...nothin' left but a piece of---cream puff!"

Yes, Mother, after having wanted to do so all her married life, finally made cream puffs for the first time today. :) Served with whipped cream and sliced strawberries, they were mighty good!

The guys worked on farm equipment today mainly. Mother worked around the house and I wasn't feeling too well, so rested and finished reading "Chosen", a book written by a young lady I know from right here in ND!

That was our day, in a nutshell.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun times...

We spent a very pleasant afternoon/evening visiting with Jared Hendrix and Karen E. (not quite sure how to spell her last name, so E. it will be for tonight). It was lots of fun showing them around our farm (Jared milked our cow---a few squirts anyway and Karen fed the bottle-calf), and enjoying the cold evening on our swings, merry-go-round, and trampoline. There was lots of politic talk tucked in there as well! We took pictures, but those will have to wait for another evening to get posted here.... It was a fun day, although missed Trevor (he headed home to Virginia a couple days ago).

"Thank you Lord for the gift of friends."

Friday, April 6, 2012

A good overview of what happened at our GOP convention...

Pretty unfair, eh? As things worked out, we'll actually have the young woman quoted here at our place for lunch tomorrow, as she's a friend of our friend, Jared, and they'll be stopping in at our place on their way back from Fargo. I also sat by her at the Ground Round that evening after the convention, so I feel like I know her a little bit anyway....

Mom and I spent the day cooking and cleaning. The boys spent the day hauling and spreading manure (or joy, as we call it). Dad went out grain-cleaning in this windstorm and got peppered with gravel all day long. Yuck!

We figured out that tonight, when we ate our supper together, it was the first meal we all were together for in about 2 weeks!!! Life just gets busier and busier it seems. I'm glad. I do not believe the Lord intended for us to be bored or lazy---but I'm sure glad He told us to rest one day a week. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poultry and politics (or: pick a little, talk a little, cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more...)

Actually, the pictures pertaining to politics will be posted first, as that is the way they were loaded. :)

This picture was taken shortly before the ND GOP convention began on Saturday...

After a candidate gave their speech and showed their video (which was designed to promote the person, basically to try and convince the delegates to vote for them), there was a brief set time for them to have a parade.......meaning, anyone who so desired could hold up one of their signs and walk around the room, following the candidate, cheering and waving pom-poms and the like. We learned later that each candidate had a certain set amount of time in which they could do their "Schpeal". If they had someone nominate them; another person second the nomination and give a speech; and then had a third person give a second seconding speech, then the candidate would probably not have time for the parade. Some members of my family participated in a couple of the parades. I walked through Mr. Paul Sorum's parade....
This picture was taken after the convention was going a while and nearly all the delegate seats were filled. Mother and I, along with our friend, Virginia, and 2 more people from our district sat up with other alternates in the blue seats on the North side of the building. We got to be seated as delegates during the last 20 minutes of the convention, so didn't get to vote. :( Hopefully next time things will be a lot different!
We could simply not believe how many signs there were EVERYWHERE (even the bathrooms were plastered, literally, with signs---even in each stall! This is just a tiny sampling of what I'm talking about: Even the parking lot was FULL of signs!
My brother, Andrew, the courageous one, speaking up when things were not fair...
Here is our friend, Virginia... We only first met her at the caucus this year, but like her so very much and are glad she doesn't live too far away! Hopefully we can get together with her husband and children sometime soon.....
I'm not sure whose pickup this was, but i liked it and had to get a picture!
Now on to the turkey pictures...
They arrived in this tiny box and quickly got transported to their new home---a much larger box:
When baby birds first arrive, they need to be shown where their feed and water is. I dipped each of the turkey poults' beaks into the water a couple times until they got some water in their mouths....
Mom thinks they're pretty cute too!
We learned a long time ago that a good preventative of coccidiosis in birds is a mixture of yogurt, honey, brewers yeast, and onion added to the water......
We have not learned yet, though, of a good mixture of grain that has enough of everything a turkey baby needs to keep it alive, so we bought a turkey starter.... Two years ago, I lost all 7 of the turkey poults that our hen hatched out when experimenting with feeds, so we decided to go this way this time.
All 17 turkeys are still alive tonight and looking well. I'm so glad!
The guys just have a couple more days of grain cleaning left it sounds like, unless more people call at the last minute. Mom went to Bismarck today. Jacob stayed home and kept the farm running. I went over and spent the day with "My" little girls. :)
Have a good Friday, everybody! God bless~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

They're here!

This morning, our mailman brought us a boxful of cheepers----the first batch of turkey poults I'd ordered from Cackle Hatchery in Lebanon, MO. :) All 15 that I'd ordered were alive, plus they put in 2 extras (just in case) and they were alive and well too. This evening, they all still look healthy and happy in their large box in our kitchen... I can hear them contentedly cheeping right now!

I worked at the nursing home again today and it was extraordinarily busy for some reason (the full moon's coming up again...). I'm very tired tonight and need to get to sleep as I'll be over at our neighbors' babysitting again at 8:00.

Good night, sleep tight everyone.~

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Interesting tidbits of information...

Tonight, I have several things of possible interest that I'd like to share with you all. As it is not early and I need to get to bed soonish, I'll just post them as facts and not write a lot about each issue.
  • I spent all day caring for Johanna and Tracy Jo---the 2 little girls I nanny for
  • Andrew bought another car yesterday---a Stratus that needs a new motor
  • Dad and Andrew have several days of grain cleaning left
  • Our 15 Bronze baby turkeys are coming tomorrow!
  • Mom and Jacob went gopher hunting today
  • MaryAnna Balyeat is my new Prairie-Days-website-host-partner.........Visit the new website HERE and see if you can find all the members of our family in the header photo (there are also many new pictures in the album to scroll through).
  • I have several political links I'd like to share---having to do with what took place at the Republican convention this last weekend:
  • don’t affect outcome of delegate slate at ND GOP convention
  • Former NDGOP Chairman Calls National Delegate Selection Favoring Mitt Romney “A Railroad Job”
  • Delegate Nomination Process Dissolves Into Chaos At NDGOP Convention
  • The following video is a short interview done with the young woman who wished to voice some unfinished business way at the end of the convention. She was not given the floor to speak and had her microphone promptly cut... How unfair is that? (As a side note, you can see me in the background---in the blue top and cream skirt. :) )

  • Finally, here's a photo to help with the stress that I may have just inflicted on anyone who just read the above articles and listened to the interview: ;)

In God, we can still trust. Of course, with that trust comes the responsibility on our part to act according to what we believe is right in God's eyes.

So, let's not get discouraged or be worried about where our once (very) great, republic Country is now headed, but instead, concentrate on the good----in this case, the very many more active, fighting-for-freedom, honor, love, and truth type of delegates that showed up this year than showed up 4 years ago!

....and the Revolution keeps growing!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Once upon a time, a long time ago...

...(3 years, to be exact,) I started this blog! :)
I have been blessed and encouraged over and over by you, the people who take the time to read what I write and then stay in touch, and I thank the Lord for this way to communicate. I used to write in a journal every day, but it is a lot more fun to be able to post pictures with what I write (when I have pictures to post!), plus I can type a lot faster than I can write too! I still write in a journal from time to time (all the things that one doesn't put out here for anyone in the world to read), but have found blogging to be a genuine blessing. I hope that in some way I've been able to encourage you as well.
With God's help, I'm pressing onward,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The convention is over...

...but the Revolution is just getting going!

It is so encouraging to see more and more people becoming aware of important issues (political in this instance) and then being willing to get active and do something about it all...

Andrew and I just returned home from a rather late supper/evening visit with fellow Freedom lovers (Ron Paul supporters/some John Birch Society Members/a few homeschoolers) at the Ground Round. It was a great time of fellowship with people of similar values!

Mr. Brian Kalk (who won the Republican convention's endorsement today for a US House position of service) also happened to be there, so Andrew, our friend, Virginia, and I got to visit with him some when he came in while we were waiting for available tables, and he later briefly spoke to our whole group. He ended up standing beside my chair while talking and kept patting me on the shoulder. It was kind of funny! We all kindly let him know we'll be holding him accountable to the things he pledged to stand for today, and he thanked us... Of course, this is something we need to do for all our men/women who are in positions of authority in this land.

May we always remain one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!