Thursday, April 19, 2012

So long, fare well....

I said several "Goodbye, for now"s at the nursing home tonight. It was sad. I'll go back there from time to time though, so it's not like saying "Goodbye" forever.

After Clarissa and I hugged goodbye, she said, "Now, remember to come back!!!" She's going to come buy a goat from us soon, so I'll for sure see her then and also at her baby shower in June.

My friend, April walked outside with me as we were parked on the same side of the building and we visited for a while out in the cool evening air. She wants to come see our farm she wants me to come to her graduation...

When Rose heard it was my last scheduled day there, she teased me about being naughty and leaving them, then patted me on the cheek. :)

There is a time for everything... A time to work with the elderly and a time to work with the young!

I've learned so much (many technical things and also about relationship skills) in the last two years and am grateful for the experience I had as a CNA, but I'm also very grateful for this new door that God has opened in my life----to care for 2 sweet little girls in their home out in the country! I'm sure there's much to be learned in this time/way of life also and trust God to give me the wisdom that will most definitely be needed!

Indeed, it is a wonderful (and interesting) life!

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