Sunday, April 15, 2012

Praise the Lord, it's raining!!!

We need the rain badly, as I know I've mentioned before... What a wonderful thing it is to listen to the chorus of raindrops falling to the ground and splashing outside my windows!

I had a very nice, peaceful day today. Slept in; played piano; listened to a sermon with my family; jumped on the trampoline with my brothers; went gopher hunting with the same people; then ate supper and watched a nice, long movie. :) Mother took a nice long nap this afternoon and Dad spent a good portion of the day up in Bismarck. His Mom had called and asked if he'd come help make sure Grandpa got in and out of their vehicle safely, as he's not very strong right now (he was actually in the hospital for a couple days) and needed to go for Dialysis again today, so, Dad went. He got home around 4:00PM.

Our turkeys are having fun escaping now at the rate of about 4 a day. By escaping, I mean flying out of their box. When Mom and I got in from morning chores, I walked into the bathroom and Mom told me then that I had a little follower----a baby turkey that had flown out. :) I guess it's time to find some kind of netting or metal grill to put over the top of the box!

I have several pictures to post one of these days....

Please, have a wonderful new week.~

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*~Virginia~* said...

Well sounds like you've had a great day ! I know what you mean about the rain! It's been pouring here the past two days and we certainly needed it! :)