Friday, April 20, 2012

Mission Greenhouse!

The guys at last had a break from all their other work and covered the greenhouse frame with plastic today (no small job, I assure you, and not a very safe one either!). They secured the plastic better this time with added boards on the top and sides, so hopefully it will last longer than it did last year as the plastic covering will not be flapping in the wind. :) HOORAY! They still have a couple doors to reinstall, but it got too late to finish that tonight, so the plan is to finish up on Sunday. I can hardly wait to dig in the dirt again! While out helping the guys with a couple parts that they needed help with, I was pleased to see how well the strawberries (I planted last year) are coming up---many more plants that I planted... I was also very happy to see that the Lily bulbs that Sarah K. shared with me last Fall are now peeking out. Spring is so wonderful!

Tomorrow ought to be fun... We've been invited to a bowling party for some new friends of ours' sons' 9th birthday. As we haven't bowled in 7 or 8 years, our expectations of knocking down lots of pins aren't too high, but we'll have lots of fun trying, I'm sure. ;)

I had to make an addition to our turkey pen today, as their current home was getting quite crowded for 15 quickly growing birds. They've now taken up strutting and fighting. It's pretty cute to see a tiny little bird, half feathers and half fluff, strut around like he owns the world! I added another large box (the other half of the box that our trampoline came in) and it didn't take long for the turkeys to realize they had more room and they went fly-jumping from one end to the other and back again. Silly birds!

Mother had quite the adventurous day.... To make a long story short, the guys thought they'd found what was wrong with her Pacifica (when you fill the gas tank, it says it's full, but when you drive a while and it gets down to about half full, all of a sudden the gauge reads "Empty" and you only have a couple minutes before you run out of gas entirely!). Apparently, they didn't get the problem fixed however, as Mother was in sight of the gas-station this morning when her car died... It was out of gas (or actually, it's not drawing from the other half of the tank). She had clients to meet, so Dad called a taxi for her and later this afternoon, when Mom was done at her office, some dear friends came and picked her up; took her to her Pacifica; put a little gas in the tank; and Mom then was able to drive to the station and fill up. I guess her car still needs a little work?

Well, friends, those were the highlights of our day. There was much more that happened, but that was all the usual kind of stuff that occurs on a farm......

Until tomorrow then,

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