Monday, April 2, 2012

Once upon a time, a long time ago...

...(3 years, to be exact,) I started this blog! :)
I have been blessed and encouraged over and over by you, the people who take the time to read what I write and then stay in touch, and I thank the Lord for this way to communicate. I used to write in a journal every day, but it is a lot more fun to be able to post pictures with what I write (when I have pictures to post!), plus I can type a lot faster than I can write too! I still write in a journal from time to time (all the things that one doesn't put out here for anyone in the world to read), but have found blogging to be a genuine blessing. I hope that in some way I've been able to encourage you as well.
With God's help, I'm pressing onward,


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Congratulations Cora Beth, :) may Jesus bless you and your family in His Will and Way.

Dawn Bornemann said...

Congratualtions to my dear daughter on 3 years of touching our lives in this special way! Your lovely syle of writing about life IS a blessing to me and to many others I am sure.
I especially enjoy when you write poetry and share it here. Say, Cora, perhaps you might write a poem about this past weekend. I'm almost positive that nobody has tried that yet!!! Poetry does seem to pack a wallop that no other style of communication can and we NEED to pack a wallop to keep our freedoms--just a thought.
May God continue to bless MAIDEN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD and it's sweet author.
Proud of you, Cora!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cora for sharing your life with us through this blog. I have so enjoyed getting to know you in person and through this little glimpse into your daily life. Your very special light shines through your postings. Hugs and Prayers,
Paula, Johanna and Tracy Josephine