Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nearly ready...

After Mom, my brothers and I worked most of the afternoon in the greenhouse, it is now nearly ready to be planted.  We added "Fertilizer---from the animals" and Andrew got his mower working and hooked up to the big tiller and tilled the largest areas.  The boys also built the back doors and installed them.  It was very warm inside!!!  All that's left is tilling around the edges with the small tiller, then we can plant. 

I went over to our neighbors' at 5:30 to watch their 4 children so the parents could go with some friends to Bismarck to watch "October Baby", which I've heard is a really good movie.   We played Hide-and-Seek outside for about an hour, then went inside and played it some more until we'd exhausted all the possible hiding places.  Then we played roll-the-ball-tag for a while.  It was fun.  They didn't want to go to bed at 8:30 (which was when their Mama told me their bedtime was), but they eventually got there and fell asleep.   The house sure was quite then until 10:30 when their parents came home!  Mr. & Mrs. S. said the movie was very good....   Has anyone else watched it yet?

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