Monday, April 23, 2012

I forgot to tell you about my kid!

Yes, yesterday my yearling goat, Annie Oakley had a beautiful white doeling.  :)   I'm trying to think of a good name now.....?

I spent a good portion of this day over babysitting "My" little girls.   It was so lovely outside!  We took a long walk/stroller ride and then sat in the shade of the apple trees and played with dead leaves, twigs, and grass.  Fun times!

The boys spent the day spreading manure on the fields again.  Dad was over at the Hazelton land, working up some of those fields.   Mom baked bread and kept things going at home, then ran a part over to Dad, which the man at Titan happened to get wrong and so she brought Dad home as it was getting late anyway and they'll get the part in the morning. 

Andrew will be leaving us for a week+? to help farmer Dave put in his organic crops over by Linton.  He stays at Dave's place while working for him, so we probably won't see Andrew until Saturday and then, come Sunday, he'll probably be gone again.......unless God wills it otherwise and sends a big rainstorm?

Mom is going to Bismarck tomorrow, so she plans to drop Dad (and the right part for the disc) off at the field on her way and somebody will have to go pick him up later in the evening.  

I have lots of things I hope to accomplish tomorrow.   We'll see how many actually get done though.  :)  Let's see....................   
The turkeys need to get outside, which means someone needs to build them a pen that's cat-proof;
The greenhouse can be planted anytime now;
The goats need to be bedded down;
The deck needs to be completely rebuilt (Dad bought supplies yesterday from the money he made from selling his motorcycle);
The boards on the swingset also need to be replaced and then painted/varnished;
......and I'm sure there's more that needs "Doing" too.    I hope Jacob will be able to help me, but he may be needed in the fields too?

Life is never boring when you live on a farm!

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Hristiyan M. said...

Hello Cora,

Thanks for posting every day. :) It gives me a look into your life. Looking forward to being in Bismarck next week Thursday.

Have fun gardening!!!