Monday, April 30, 2012


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....I spent the day with a great friend on Saturday (AKA: Miranda Geiger)! Only a true friend wakes up at 5:30AM, crawls out of a nice warm bed, and drives approx. 10 miles (in mud and rain) to pick you up----then takes you out to a coffee shop and chats with you for the next 2 hours. :) Wonderful times!!! We also later attended the midwifery meeting and voted on what we think ought to be done there... Then it was back to the Geigers' to eat the dirt-cake we'd made for Miranda's siblings' birthdays..... And then that evening, Miranda delivered me safely out to the Hwy. where my mom and brother were waiting. We got home around 11:30PM. Long day? Yes, but so worth it!!!!

Dirt cake---yummy!!!

Andrew and Moses, visiting in the dark...

Miranda and I had such a wonderful time, even though we got pretty tired!

My faithful friend~

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