Thursday, April 12, 2012

I saw a few raindrops falling from the sky tonight...

I was afraid they'd forgotten how to come down out of the sky! The farmers are concerned. No rain means no growing crops. There's also concerns about fires-----there was one today while I was in Napoleon working. I hear the alarm, but never heard more about it... It could have been hard to deal with in all this WIND! God has a plan though. We ask Him to send the rain, but if His answer is "No", then I'm sure He will make a way as He has done so many times in the past.

I have a prayer request from a coworker friend of mine tonight as well... Her husband needs to find work in the next couple of weeks or else they are going to have to put their house up for sale. She asked for prayer and told me and another coworker friend that this all has brought her a lot closer to God and she's started reading His word now and spending some time every morning with the Lord. PTL! If you'd join me in praying for her husband to get a job, that would be wonderful!

It was a very long day for me, leaving home at 8:00 this morning and getting home at 11:00 tonight, spending most of those hours at the nursing home. I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday and I can stay home (and maybe even sleep in a little bit?).

Sweet dreams~

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