Saturday, February 19, 2011

The surprise...

Well, as you may already know if you've read my mom's or my brother Andrews' blog posts, the surprise was a "New" (to us) vehicle. It is, I think, the nicest vehicle we've ever had, although I was quite partial to Dad's big red pickup at one time. :)
The reason for another vehicle? Dependability! Mother does a lot of driving now and Dad wanted her to have something more dependable than the van. The van has served us VERY well in the (hmmmmm, is it 7?) years we've had it, but it's getting up in mileage (nearly 200,00) and can now take it a little easier. :)
We all hopped in the "Pacifica" today to get acquainted with our new family vehicle. Those of us who wished to, took turns driving as we went around through Braddock and then on the Hwy, back through to Kintyre and home again. Here Andrew's taking his turn:
Dad testing the overhead vent system. :)
Mother, enjoying the view from one of the middle seats...
Jacob, having fun testing out the DVD player! We probably won't use that feature too often, as we like to visit or read books when we're driving, but for long trips, it might come in handy?
I checked out the headphones too...
And here is "Its" new parking place...
~I was very happy when I learned of my dad's offer to sell me the van for a reasonable price, plus I'll trade him my old pickup (seen in the background), which doesn't currently run....... Dad hopes to get it working again and use it around the farm.
I really like our van and it will be so nice to have a vehicle of my own to run to town with instead of always borrowing my parents' car (or van) or Andrew's pickup! So you see, our faithful van won't quite be put out to pasture after all. :)


Rachel Beth said...

Oh I like your family's new vehicle, Cora! May it give you all good service and many happy safe miles! :)
Love, Rachel*

Rachel said...

Woohoo! :D Oh, I'm so happy you all could get a new van that's more dependable for you mom! :D New vans are so much fun! :D

That's nice that you'll have a vehicle to go to work with without having to borrow one too. ;) I'm sure that can be a difficulty sometimes getting a vehicle when your family gets busy. :)

We got some snow again last night...oh, I can't *wait* for spring! ;) But we did have a nice week last week of very warm weather (in the 60's!!). :) So I guess it's our turn for some snow now. ;)

Hope you had a blessed day dear friend! :D

[BTW, is your birthday March 14? Because that's what I have written down...but I was thinking it was earlier in the month? :P Lol!]

Lot's of Love and Hugs!!!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your comments, Rachel and Rachel! :)

I really am enjoying having my own vehicle and now just have to get up the courage to go out in the cold and clean it!

I hope you're both having wonderful days... My mom and I are working on Spring cleaning.

Love you,
PS. Rachel, you're right, that isn't quite right! My birthday is March 7th. :)

Rachel said...

Aha! ;D I knew it! :D Okay, marking that down. ;) HeHe!

Yes, I am having a pretty good day. :) I was working on some blog posts for Meditations of His Love. ;) Now I might do some sewing after lunch, or maybe some reading... :)

Spring cleaning is good! We'll probably do some in a few weeks. :)

Have a blessed afternoon!
Love ya!