Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great prices, and furnace failure...

This morning, after putting up some panels to keep the cows from jumping over the snow-sunken fence, the boys and I headed for the Napoleon livestock auction. I love going to sales, especially when they're selling our cattle for great prices! Yes, God answered our prayers for the best prices we've ever seen. :) I made enough on my calves to make my loan payment and then actually have some left over for a change. Now to decide how to wisely spend it....

I didn't actually get to see our calves sell, as I had to work at the nursing home at 2:00 and they sold around 3:00... But, I did get to see other calves being sold for great prices (for the farmers, that is), and I shared lunch with my brothers and Dad (he came in later, after picking up a special cleaner from a neighbor, one that will do a better job at cleaning our oats than our machines would do currently. After the sale, the guys came back home and worked on cleaning, while Mother was in Bismarck busy with clients all day and I was working in town and just got home a little bit ago.

When I walked in the door, I saw the light on downstairs and soon discovered that a part on our furnace had gone out and the house was cold. Thankfully, Dad had had the foresight to buy another of that part the last time it broke, so he'd have one on hand for such a time as this! PTL!

So, all is well now and we are very pleased tonight.

Sweet dreams everyone~

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