Sunday, October 30, 2011

The cows are home!!!

Most everything went well and we had them all home and in the harvested cornfield just in time for lunch. Then, I headed for work in town and that's all I know about what happened here, as everyone was in bed when I got in the house tonight. I have two days off now, so am looking forward to getting many things accomplished at home in the next couple of days. :)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey Cora, :)

I was just thinking, and I thought I'd ask... there mustn't be that many leftovers in the field, after harvesting. Otherwise they would bloat wouldn't they? Just turning them loose to clean up, I mean.

I know they would if they got in an unharvested field. Fresh and green. Of course. Even the goats would surely bloat on that! Don't they love to get in it though.
Thankfully our cases of bloat have always been sucessfully treated, praise the Lord Jesus - and never extremely serious.

But as some of the goats really are determined to be known as pigs... I'm hardly surprised that we've had a few cases over the years. ;)

Yours, Carra

Cora Beth said...

Dear Carra,
Yes, goats are rather "Piggish" at times!!! :) Thankfully, we've found peppermint essential oil, rubbed on the sides of an animal to work really well to releave them of bloat, should that problem arise.

The corn field is mostly stalks that are remaining and those are very dry, so my dad's not too worried about the cows bloating on it. We've had them on corn fields in years past without problems so, Lord willing, they'll be fine. They seemed very content today, once we got the water hose to stay in their tank.......

I love animals, even though they do tend to try our patience at times. They can be great charcter builders! :)

Have a lovely November!