Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rosy red apples....

This morning, Mother, the boys and I drove over to a "Neighbor's" place (about 10 miles from here) to pick apples. Their apples are very large and beautiful and they taste almost like pears--nice and sweet. :) As long as we had everything along in Andrew's pickup, (boxes, ladder, and the apple-picker Andrew built this morning) when we drove home, we kept on going past our place and headed up to our neighbor's place (half a mile up the road) to pick some of the apples from their tree. Those neighbors are hunters from out of state, so they were not there, but they had told us earlier that they'd like us to use the apples from their tree so they don't go to waste like they did last year. We are very grateful to oblige!

SO, we feel very blessed right now, and our kitchen smelled of apples all afternoon as a batch of apple sauce/juice simmered in our steam juicer on the stove. :)

Jacob and I spent some time hauling more pumpkins and squash in from the garden and down the steep steps into our basement for future use. We also found 2 large watermelons hidden in the greenhouse! Then, I dug out 6 largish pots from the shed and Jacob helped me puts rocks in the bottom of them before I transplanted my dwarf fruit trees inside. We loaded the pots into the little red wagon and hauled them to the house where they'll be safe all Winter, Lord willing---and providing I can figure out how to take care of them indoors....

My dad is going to be very busy hauling grain for the next 2 months, mainly hauling for one farmer---a long time customer/client. Today, Andrew started working for this same farmer, driving the grain cart back and forth from the combine to the semi, then back to the combine again, then to the semi to dump, then back to the combine to load............... I asked him tonight if he was bored yet? He said that, "No," he wasn't, but by the time he's done with this job (which could last 3+weeks) he's pretty sure he'll be ready to do something else!

We are nearly done with our own field harvest. The corn is left, but is too wet to combine currently. Every once in a while, a truck comes from down South for a load of hay, so that is a real blessing this year. We actually have 2 different people buying hay from us now, and we never even advertised that we had hay for sale! The Lord just opened the doors, and we feel blessed.

Yes, blessed is a good way to describe how I'm feeling tonight. :)

I hope you also are feeling blessed this Autumn evening!

PS. I was not feeling quite so chipper this afternoon, however, when I tried loading the 60+ pictures I'd taken today and somehow lost all but 3 of them.... :(

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Kimberly said...

You sound very busy. It's so nice how the LORD provides. I had one apple on my smaller tree this year. I told the children that it was mine and they weren't to pick it, as they usually pick them too early and end up throwing them away. After that big wind I saw the apple on the ground. I took it into the house, cut it up, and shared it with the children. It was very tasty, wish there had been more than one. But we enjoyed the many apples from our tree in the horse pasture. Blessings on your day.