Thursday, October 20, 2011

A new flower bed...

This corner of the house has been a mess for a while now, (truthfully, for a few years) ever since we had a water-line-trench dug in this spot. It doesn't help that the dogs love to drag all their favorite bones up by the house either!

Jacob and I worked together this afternoon to make the following transformations:
All that nicely composted soil is now a flower bed, in which I planted several kinds of bulbs that arrived in the mail yesterday. :) Poor Lady seems to be looking for her bones in that last picture, doesn't she? "I wonder where they could have gone....? "

Jacob and I also cleaned the house a bit; worked on laundry and dishes; and did the evening chores. Oh, and I baked some cookies.... Mother was in Bismarck all day and Dad and Andrew were away working again.

It was another good day and I'm praising the Lord for the warm(ish) weather He's giving us so we can continue to work on outdoor projects!

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Lovely work. It looks nice. Thanks for sharing! :) Cookies... oh. I've been wanting to make some cookies. But. I think I'll make something with apples. ;)
Yours, Carra