Friday, October 14, 2011

Friends, pictures, and pictures of friends. :)

To start this post out, I'll post a picture of one of my recent sewing projects... One of my coworkers gave me a brand new skirt she'd bought but then decided she didn't have anything to wear with it and thought I might like it. I did like it, very much, except that it was a little too short for my comfort, so I dug in my sewing pile to see what I could do to improve the situation. I found a skirt that I'd bought a while back at a second hand store that had had a slit in it. When I sewed the slit closed, I could no longer walk comfortably in the skirt, so there it sat. Now, however, I had just what I needed to make my new skirt wearable. I combined the 2 skirts and here is the end result: (I also made the bows out of extra fabric from the shorter skirt, the one bow that's laying on the brown shirt is a hair-bow I made and sewed onto a hair clip.)
Here's a picture of my little citrus trees: I lugged them inside tonight, as it felt pretty cold out when Jacob and I did chores this evening!

The other day, when Jacob and I were hauling in garden produce, we discovered 2 watermelons I did not realize had even grown! The large melon grew right beside one of the greenhouse posts, which is why it has a nice big crease in the side of it.

This afternoon, our friends, the Geigers came (actually, just a few of them came) to get some more Organic corn and oats for their chickens. They are trading us several chickens for the grain, so we are all happy!

I was thrilled when I heard that my dear friend, Miranda would be able to come along this time!!!!! She helped me in the kitchen for a while when the others were working on the grain outside. It's been SO long since we've seen each other (half a year, I believe), so it was such a treat to have a couple hours to visit with Miranda and her family!

Jacob and Josiah---and some remaining fruit pizza. :)

I had fun this evening playing in my new music book, "Jane Austen's World" which arrived in the mail today! The melodies are so beautiful.......

Well, Dad and Andrew will be pulling in the yard any minute now, so I'd best go make sure supper is ready. Mother got home about an hour ago, so we will soon be all together again, Lord willing, of course.

Until tomorrow,



Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
That is lovely... friends are so special. We visited with a friend yesterday also. She came for produce... eggs and we shared some milk as well. She loves to make cheese.

Anyway. :) Your skirt is lovely.
Yours, Carra

PS. Oh... I wanted to ask you, how do you tell when your watermelons are ripe... we're having a bit of difficulty with that. We have several, but we don't know when to pick them. or eat them. :)

Kimberly said...

Your new outfit is pretty.

How nice that your friend got to visit.

We did get to ice skating and it was fun. I didn't even fall! I appreciate the lady who organizes these things. It would be great to have an ice skating rink in our yard. Let me know if you get one made as I would be interested in making one as well.

Have a restful Sabbath.

Rachel Beth said...

Dear Cora

As always, I enjoyed the post and pictures of what you've been up to.

Visits from special friends are real treats, I'm so glad for you that you got to spend some time with Miranda!

Your new outfit is so pretty - I really like the combination you came up with (I know all about sewing slits closed!)

Keep well. God bless you and your family.
Lots of love,

Kristi said...

I just laughed when I read this because I too am in the middle of sewing a slit, and I rarely have such a project going. I am wondering how far down to sew it because I also have concerns about not being able to walk! : )

Do you remember how far from the floor is too far? It would be nice to know before I go too far. (I started at 16" and was planning on stopping around 9".) I would love to see your dress on!