Friday, October 7, 2011

A good Friday...

My brothers helped me get much accomplished in the house this morning before they headed out in the still-very-strong wind to get another load of scrap metal together. After the house was tidied up; the laundry was done; and the aquarium was cleaned, I made a big pan of lasagna and 2 pans of pumpkin bars (made with 1/2 of a pumpkin from our garden. : )

My dad has been hauling grain all week for farmers and elevators. He leaves early in the morning, but gets back home in time for supper, which is very nice!

Mother is re-taking a class now in Bismarck. She started yesterday and will be done Sunday evening.

Thus, the boys and I have had the farm to ourselves for the last couple of days....

Well, there is more that I could write, but I just received an e-mail from a dear friend and, as I am very much looking forward to reading it, I think I'll say a quick "Good bye" and be off. :)

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