Saturday, October 1, 2011

So long, farewell...

This was a bittersweet day--the day that our friends of 7 years said goodbye. They leave on Monday, bound for SC. The Keister family arrived at our home around 1:30 this afternoon and stayed until shortly after 8:00 this evening. We had lots of fun between those 2 times!

The ladies, having one last chat on the swings...
...while the fellas discuss ? in the house...

...and the "Little" people play with my brothers' old wooden train set.

Mother and Sarah spent most of the day discussing how to keep a family healthy in this day and age...

...while the rest of us older people played our favorite game (which Lane taught to us many long years ago), "Settlers of Catan" with several expansions added for an extra challenge.

(Left to right: Jacob, Andrew, my dad, Lane, and myself)

My little friends came over to watch the game after a while, as is evident in the picture below:

After Andrew won the very close game (which lasted over 2 hours, by the way), we all headed outside to enjoy the lovely day.

It is so fun to see how children can find a way to play, no matter where they are or what they're given to amuse themselves with! Here, I'm watching James make small haystacks out of the newly mowed lawn. :)

Later, my brothers dug out some of their Tonka trucks/bulldozers for the K. children. In this picture that Mother took, I'm getting a picture of----------

----------Lane, playing his bagpipes!

Our dog, Millie wasn't quite sure what to think of such a sound, and Lady went into hiding! The rest of us enjoyed it though. :)

Later, after supper, Lane played us several pieces on Mom's piano. I just LOVE listening to him play! I remember, when I was taking lessons from him, my favorite part of the lesson was listening to him play what the song was supposed to sound like. :) (And yes, he played a couple songs from memory too!)

Baby Arianwyn is such a cutie pie!!! I just love her chubby little cheeks and her big smile!

More people swinging...

Look what James found! Wouldn't you love to have a woolly bear caterpillar crawling up your shirt? He did.

These next few pictures are from the first day I was at the Keisters' house (Tuesday), helping them pack to move. I didn't take any pictures the following days as I was too busy working. :)

There was another home schooling family there on Tuesday, helping with the work. They (the W's) were from MN, so had quite a drive home the following day! It was only 60 miles for me to drive there....

Abby W., playing with little Arianwyn on the grass...

Most of the pictures I took were of us while we were taking a break as that, obviously, is when I had the most time to snap a few quick photos! This one I took while Sarah; several of the K. & W. children and I went on a walk to the end of the Hull pavement and back...

Laura & Emily W. with the little sweetheart.... (See the stack of packed boxes in the background? :)

Isn't that a lovely sight???

The W. twins, Jessie & Jacob, writing their names on plastic water cups while Abby looks on...

Shortly before I left the Keisters' home on Thursday, (after digging up the raspberry plants and lily bulbs Sarah sent home for us), I did go around the house and snap a few quick pictures of the progress that had been made. I don't have before pictures, so these are more for my family and the K.s than anything....

Sarah's sewing area...

...all packed up.

...and my sleeping quarters, after several things had been packed away....

...I could post more, but I think you get the idea. :)

It was sad to say goodbye tonight, but they informed us of the possibility that they will be coming back to ND for a visit next June, so that was good to hear. Also, Sarah assured me that they would try their hardest to make it to my (or Andrews') wedding, whenever (and if) that might be, so we look forward to seeing them then too. :)

Plus, there is always the wonder of modern conveniences that allow us to stay in touch with friends, even though thousands of miles may separate us. I praise the Lord for that tonight and for the years that He did give us together!


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
It is so terribly sad, when friends move away, or something drives your lives somewhat apart. But it is always delightful to me, to remember that unity that true friendship brings, can never divide us... no matter how far apart we may live.

I pray that your friends will have a safe journey, and their new home will bring them even closer to the Lord's perfect will for their family.

With love, Carra

Rachel Beth said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures, dear Cora. :) Glad you could spend some time together before your friends had to leave for their new home. Goodbyes are not easy, we have been saying a lot of goodbyes lately too. I'm thankful though for the way modern technology, like the internet, helps us to keep in touch even when the distance is great. And as Carra said in her comment, nothing can separate true friendship!
God bless you.
Lots of love

Robert said...

I didn't think anything when I saw their name but when I saw his picture I realized that's Adrian's brother!

I'm more familiar with his wife Susan as I've beening reading her blog for 5 years.Do you read her blog?

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Carra! I value your true friendship greatly! :) Am I correct that you also live in SC? It would be so neat if our friends lived close by you and if God worked it out so that you could meet them!!! You would LOVE Sarah, and the rest of them too. :)

Dear Rachel,
I too praise God for the wonder of modern technology. Without it, I for sure would not know you. :) I will be praying for your upcoming move to go very well and will pray for you as you have many goodbyes to say now too.... I very much hope we'll be able to stay in touch after you've moved also? I've been blessed by your friendship over and over and would be sad if this was "Goodbye" to you!

How very interesting that is, Robert!! Yes, Adrian is Lane's twin brother. We even met him once, before he was married. Listening to those two brothers play piano duets was an unforgettable experience! :) I read Susan's blog for a time, before she was married (I believe it was called, An Old Fashioned Girl?). I somehow lost track of her though and didn't realize she was blogging still, now that she's a busy wife and mother. I'd love if you could share her blog address with me, or I guess I could ask Lane for it too! :)

Rachel Beth said...

Thank you for your prayers and kindness, dear Cora, I appreciate you so much! I will definitely be keeping in touch with you, I would be sad too, to lose contact. Your friendship is a great blessing!

God bless.
love you lots,