Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 31st wedding anniversary Dad & Mom!

May the Lord bless you both with many more years of happiness together!

Last night, Dad surprised Mom by meeting her in Bismarck when she got out of class for the day and then taking her out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, "The Ground Round". Today is their actual anniversary, but we celebrated last night as there's a lot going on today on the farm and elsewhere......

The boys did chores here at home last night and, when I got back at 7:45PM from babysitting the neighbor children, we hopped in my van and headed for Bismarck to meet our parents at the Grand movie theater. Mother was SO surprised, as she thought we were at home!!!

It was about 10:00 when the Sherwood Films' movie, COURAGEOUS began. :) It was SUCH a good movie---highly recommended, especially to the men/fathers of this world! We laughed and cried through many parts.....

We got to bed this morning at 2:00AM, but it was so worth the late night to have the experience of seeing an encouraging movie in a movie theater! I'll remember it always.~


Rachel Beth said...

A very Happy 31st Anniversary to your parents! :)
May the Lord richly bless them both.
Rachel & family

Rachel said...

What a wonderful day! :D I'm so glad your mom had such lovely surprises (I'm sure she appreciated them).

Yeah! So glad you all enjoyed Courageous!!! :D We loved it too! (lemonade. Lol!). ;) Wow, what a looong day you all had though...2 AM! :O Wow! I bet you're all sleepy today. :) HeHe! We were thankful to be able to go to an early afternoon showing to see it so we weren't out late. But what a good reason to stay up right! ;D

So glad you all had such a nice day together and Happy Anniversary to your dear parents! :)

Love and Hugs Cora Beth!

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
Happy Anniversary to your parents. :) Praying they had a lovely one.

What a blessing family truly is.
Yours, Carra

Dawn Bornemann said...

Thank you, Cora! You sure surprised me a LOT!!!!!!!!