Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Something BIG (for the farm) came on a delivery truck yesterday.

Want to guess what it was?

Here's a little clue: It's mostly red, but has some black on it too.


Do you love animals--especially goats?
Do you like pictures of animals?
Do you appreciate homeschooling?
Do you also like blond haired young people?

Well, then you'll want to visit our neighbor girl, Olivia's new blog:
Please skip on over there and leave her a comment to say "HI". I know she'd love hearing from you. :)


The K. Family said...

A new Case IH combine? That would sure be sweet!

Cora said...

I'm going to guess it's a... Ladybug! It's big in a metaphorical sense - it eats aphids and other small insects that could be munching on Cora's crops. It can also come in a delivery truck, riding on/in a package of other things. Am I right?