Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mountain lion spotted...

This morning, one of the front page highlights of our local newspaper was that there's been a large mountain lion spotted 4 miles NW of Napoleon. That would be approx. 10 miles straight east of us... I sure hope Mr. Lion decides to head someplace else--like the North Pole or somewhere. :)

I just got home from work, showered and am tired, so I'll wish you all a good nights rest.

Oh, I do have a quick bit of happy news to share before I go though--that being that James and Amanda (Dagley) Balyeat just had a baby boy today! New babies are so fun....


Rachel said...

A mountain lion - how exciting! Although I can understand that you wouldn't want it coming too close!

Well, Good Night, Cora, sleep well and have pleasant dreams(by the way, it's 7:34am here) :)

God bless and lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cora,
Thanks for letting us know about the new baby on the Earth. It's so much more pleasant news than a mountain lion 10 miles away!
Your papa and I smiled last night when you pulled into the driveway. He said, "It's so nice when we know that she's home safely!" I agreed. :)
I'm glad that it's cooler today AND that we don't have to water the garden. PRAISE THE LORD!