Thursday, August 12, 2010

What next, I wonder?

Coming home from working in town just now, a Jack-rabbit jumped out of the ditch and almost crashed into me, but I swerved a little to the side and we missed each other. A couple miles further up the road, (just about a mile South of our farm) I came over a hill, only to have to slam on the brakes so as not to hit the large PORCUPINE that was sitting in the middle of the road, not paying attention. It took him a while to get off the road. I half-way expected to go over the next hill and see a mountain lion! :) But, that didn't happen, thankfully.

When I arrived home though, I found Grandpa's car (the one he's letting us use) running, with the lights on, in front of the house. Once I parked our old car, my dad came out of the house and informed me of the trouble he'd been having with the battery running low on Grandpa's car and how he'd had to jump it, etc..., etc..., and that he had just intended to drive it down to park it in the Quonset (before the storm hits), when somehow the keys got locked in the car--with it still running. We searched around the house for the extra set of keys that we think we have, someplace, but we didn't find them. My dad had tried pushing the unlock button on the key-less key-chain that was in the house, but all to no avail. Thankfully, Dad decided to go out and try pushing that button again, which didn't work, but then he pushed the "Start" button on the key-chain and IT UNLOCKED THE DOORS ON THE CAR! Something is not right there... Anyway, the nicer vehicles are under cover now, so we can all finally get some rest.
Life is never dull, is it? :)

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