Friday, August 20, 2010

What a lovely day for a baby shower!

This will be a quick post as Mom and I have things to do this morning to prepare for the baby shower this afternoon. (Yes, Molly, I'm packing my camera and hope to get lots of pictures today. :) )

Before I go though, I wanted to share two things that I learned at work last night....

#1. I wasn't off too far that night when I said I almost expected to go over the hill in the road and find a mountain lion, as the lady I worked with last night (from Kintyre) informed me that 2 nights ago, a gentleman, down the road from our farm a mile, went into his barn that morning... He had left his barn door open the night before and now saw that a pail of grain that had been sitting high on a shelf was tipped off and spilled all over the barn floor. In the grain and surrounding areas were HUGE paw prints. He doesn't have a dog or cats or anything. I mean, he didn't have a cat, now maybe he does--a great big one! Yikes!

#2. I took my pedometer to the nursing home to see approximately how far I walk there each day. By the end of the day, I'd taken: 10,594 steps which amounted to: 5.35 miles! That of course doesn't count the bending, squatting, pushing, pulling, etc... that's done during that time... No wonder I'm tired at the end of the day there. :)

And now, I'd best do some fancy stepping to get everything ready before we go.
Have a lovely day~


Kimberly said...

OOoo, I don't want to have a mountain lion around. I hope you (or I ) never see one! Your day sounds fun. Enjoy!

HMF said...

hey cora!

i am going to have a ton of posts to read when mac is back! i'm going to be hittin' the older posts button all over again!

have fun at the baby shower-- i did not read if it was today or not so have fun if it is today and i hope you had fun if you already went :)

arg! the guy next to me has screemin music playing

Tamera said...

Goodness, Cora! Which neighbor?

Cora Beth said...

It was down at Mable F's, Tamera! YIKES!!!