Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A menagerie of pictures!

Good morning!

I just uploaded several more pictures, so have quite a collection to share with you now....

I spent yesterday evening working with this stuff: (Marshmallow Fondant, in the making)

...So as to be able to make this stuff: Mom and I are helping to put on a baby shower in Center, ND tomorrow afternoon, so one of my contributions is a cake. :)

Yesterday afternoon, (*the pictures are in order of newness to oldness*) my dad called and said he needed me to bring several tools over to the field he was baling in, as one of the wheel-bearings had gone out on the big baler. He gave me good directions and I was able to find everything he needed, plus I learned how to fill a portable air-tank--something my brothers have always been around to do for me before this.... Dad was stacking bales while he was waiting for me to come:
I stayed until he had the wheel and bearing off, then drove the truck down the field for him so he could haul bales in also. He and Mother just left for Bismarck now to get a new bearing and supplies at Sams' for home and the party tomorrow...

This is what I saw when I went outside to the garden recently:
...and the turkeys and the dog shall sleep side by side--or at least, under the same trampoline....
Mother and I've been picking chokecherries for juice:
We've also been making juice from the ton of apples that have gotten blown off our trees. We use this steam juicer that we bought a couple years ago:

When the 90 minutes of steaming time is up, we have apples in the top portion, ready to be ground into sauce:
...and we have juice in the second portion, pure and delicious!
Our moss roses are finally blooming in front of the house:

This picture was taken last Sabbath evening, when the guys went out for some target practice on the black birds that were swarming above our corn field:
My dad with a few corn cobs he collected from the field:
The corn is doing so well this year and is soooooo tall, you could almost get lost in it!
Oh yes, and Jacob said I could tell you about his package! It contained:

...his very own camera--just like the one the guy who taught the farming class in Georgia had. :)
Well, it's been fun writing while I'm awake :), but now I need to hurry and scurry to get the cheese-balls made for tomorrow; get my fish aquarium cleaned; make lunch; and get ready for work in town this afternoon......
Have a great day everyone!


Mia said...

My, and to think I had no idea clever inventions like steam juicers existed! :D Thanks for posting all those lovely pictures. Don't work too hard Cora! :)

May Yahweh bless you,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cora,
I am so pleased that you are going to make the change to protect your health. It's a little tough when everyone else is still going strong around here, but it's worth it!
Thanks for the awesome post chocked FULL of awesome pictures!
Can't wait for the shower!

GFAMILY said...

Oh what a beautiful cake!!!! you do a wonderful job! Please take lots of pictures of the shower - we already have plan tomorrow :( My dads birthday and work. Have a great time! Molly Grace

Anonymous said...

Cora the cake is beautiful!! Please take lots of pictures of the shower as we wont be able to make it. Have a great time! Molly Grace