Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh what a beautiful day!

Shortly before sunset, my parents, my brother, Jacob, and I went for a walk--first over to the raspberry patch to see if there were any more berries (we found 5 or 6!) and then down the road to check on the corn. We walked in the corn field aways and the corn truly is as high as an elephant's eye!!! My dad can't even reach the top of it! A person could get lost in there. :) The oats is up to my dad's waist and the wheat is drying up, soon to be ready for harvesting. What a wonderful time of the year it is.......

The crickets are ready to serenade us to dreamland, so I'd best be off.

(Oh, and Andrew, if you're reading this, I just wanted you to know that we missed you today-- especially when the geese got out... Just kidding. I mean, they really did get out, and I chased them in and blocked up the holes in the gate that they'd gone through, only to see them out again later, so we left them and tonight, before it got dark, they crawled back in their pen, but that's not the only reason we missed you....

Oh, and the little chicks... While I was milking the goats tonight, the 6 of them kept coming over to me, obviously wondering what I was going to feed them. My kids were so cute too... They were both lying in the barn wall, on the sill, with their legs dangling over the edges. Does all this sound a bit familiar too? :)

I didn't get to say goodnight to you tonight, as you were making music, I hear, and I was in my room playing piano when Mom called you, so here's a "Good night" to you. See you tomorrow--when I get home from work?)

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