Friday, September 17, 2010

Another surprise!

I woke up this morning to the sound of Andrew telling Mother that he was going to go out and milk. That sounded unusual to me, as it's usually Mom, Jacob and/or I doing the goat milking... As I listened further, I heard Mom say, "Have you told Cora yet?"
Andrew: "Not yet."

Ahhh Hah! Sally had had her baby!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, Andrew had heard her mooing softly last night and wondered if she had calved. Upon further investigation, he found a several-day-old calf by her side. :) I guess with all that's been going on here, nobod's been checking on her daily...

Andrew headed out to the pasture on the 4-wheeler to get her in the barn lot and I slipped on a jacket and went out to help get her in the barn. It's been about 3 months since we dried her up and I knew she'd be a little stubborn. (Can you see Andrew in this picture?)

When we finally did get mother and baby in the barn, said mother was a bit nervous and left a mess to clean up later...

At last, we got Sally to go in her stall and then Andrew milked her (we're doing it by hand these days) while I held the smelly tail so Andrew could maintain a clean face!
As the milk got dirty in all the excitement, the cats were more than happy this morning! We locked the calf up now, so hopefully we'll be able to save a bunch of milk tonight--just in time for Sabbath.

I took this picture of my sleepy Lady a few days ago: :)

The following pictures too are a few days old, from when I made our first batch (for the year) of Freezer Tomato Sauce.
Fresh garden produce:
+Juicy tomatoes!
Now I'd best get back to work. There's so much to do today!

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Hannah said...

Oh I miss your blog!!

That sweet calf is so cute! Did you hear that our heifer had a calf? She had a bull calf. We are not milking Missy though because she is mostly a meat breed and only is producing enough for the calf.

I'm really hoping we can get our computer fixed soon!
We are all missing having one and enjoying it at the same time :)

Oh, guess what! Our clay oven is showing some wear as are the ovens we have in our bakery (they get used ALOT!) so, we are thinking we are just going to plunge in and get our brick oven built!!

Well, I want to do a post and get some books still so I'll say ttyl!


Oh, keep me in your prayers as this up coming weekend (the 25-26th) I will, Lord willing, be out hunting!