Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tomato soup recipe coming soon!

This morning, I worked on making a large batch of tomato soup to can. We got the recipe from a friend and I made a little batch to try and we really enjoyed it, so we're making a bunch now. :) I'll try to get the recipe posted here tomorrow.....

My brothers and I did something this morning that we haven't done in a looooooong time--that being: we separated cow's milk with our cream separator and got 3 1/2 quarts of cream. Yummy! When I got home from work tonight, I noticed that the guys had had pancakes again for supper (Andrew had mixed up a batch two nights ago when they all got home late from working in the fields and I was still in town working) and I told Dad that I was kind of surprised they had them again. He explained that now they had cream to whip to put on top of them, so they didn't mind. :)

I went into town early today to stop in at a former, elderly cake-makers (and bakery owner's) house to look at her cake making equipment that's for sale. She has a HUGE Hobart mixer on a stand; (I didn't have my camera along, but it's similar to this one:) a nice scale for measuring ingredients; (again, just similar to this one:) an air-brush; a large collection of pans; a bunch of cookie cutters; quite a few different colors of dies; hundred of tips for decorating with; lots of wedding cake supplies (beads, steps, pillars, fountains, decorations...); a handy cart; cake decorating books; cake boards; and a big machine that shines the design you choose--which she has hundreds of and which you can use your own designs (by the use of lights and mirrors--done in a dark room) onto the cake so you can trace around it with frosting. (Again, just something like this:) It was really fun to visit with Mary and I was so busy looking through her cake-photo albums that I was nearly late for work...just nearly, not quite! Now I just need to decide if this would be a wise investment or not--depending on how many cakes I want to make and sell..... The mixer would be really handy for other things too, like baking bread for instance. Hmmmmmm. What to do? I guess I'll have to give this one some prayer and thought!


Tamera said...

Depending on how much you like decorating cakes, it's something that you can do where ever you go to make a little extra money, so the more advanced equipment might be a good long-term investment.

Rachel said...

Oh, how fun! :D Yes, tough choice as to what would be a good buy. I'll pray for you in this that the Lord would make it clear if you should buy anything.

I always have a difficult time making decisions like this! :P It takes me forever to make up my mind. ;) Lol!

I've seen those big mixers at this Kitchen supply store (which is more for professional kitchens, not home sue as much). They are soo BIG!!! :D

Mm, fresh cream sounds yummy! :) I can just imagine it on those pancakes. ;)

Love and Hugs sweetie!