Monday, September 6, 2010

Patty Pan--at last!

You may or may not remember that last year (and the year before that), I had tried growing Patty Pan squash, only to end up with another kind of squash on my vines. Well, this year I tried once more----and the results:

Finally! Fluted squash--and they're not only pretty, but tasty too. :)

Oh, and a couple days ago, Andrew found another chick for my collection!
On the farm-front:
Dad and Andrew got the durum all combined yesterday (an abundant crop--PTL!) just in time, as it's raining again today. Mother and Jacob brought equipment home from Fern's land and then Mom disced and now Andrew's finishing the discing and Dad's trying to get the cover crop planted before it gets too wet out there. Gotta do lots of work today.... It's Labor day, after all. :)
It's a wonderful life~


Tamera said...

It's wonderful the find the little chicks isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh! I just love squash!! I love the various colors and shapes of them! Your are really awesome!