Friday, September 10, 2010

It was a "Seeing-old-friends" day!

*Note. I did intend to post yesterday morning, but I went to work in town earlier than usual to help a friend out, so I had less time to do things around here and decided to wait until yesterday evening--at which time, the Internet was not allowing me to post on my blog!*

This was a good day...

First thing this morning, Dad went to Bismarck and bought truck parts.

Meanwhile, chores got done at home here and Mother, the boys and I piled in the van and headed for Dawson to pick up our (and the K. family's) Azure Standard order. When there, we were surprised to get to see an old friend, Donna, and got to visit for a while with her. Also, there was Carmen to visit with, (and we got to see her relatively new baby girl), so we didn't get out of there for a while. On the way home, Mother dropped we 3 younger people off at a friend's (Isabelle's) farm auction sale. (We've known Isabelle, and her now late husband for about 6 years--and they were the ones we'd bought our first milk cows from--and whom we got our pipeline milking system from.)

Annnnyway, Mother headed home, as Sarah K. was coming to our place to pick up her Azure order, but as I said before, the rest of us stayed at Isabelle's and helped her and her son get household items out of the garage so they could be sold. Dad came later when he was done in Bismarck, and then stayed for most of the afternoon.

Andrew especially found several items of interest to purchase, and Dad found a few as well--mainly: some open pollinated Indian corn seed; a cream separator that's in better shape than ours; and three boxes of tools, wire brushes, and etc....

The boys, loading up the truck:
We saw several people we knew there--neighbors, old friends from the Linton church we used to attend, homeschooling friends, and Dad talked with a guy he knew from Eureka...., but I think the most surprising friend there was Marty---the Marty my dad grew up with near Center, ND. We were surprised he'd come all that way for an auction sale, and he was surprised to see us there, as for some reason, he'd thought we lived near Kulm instead of Kintyre. :)

Here are the two old friends, catching up on what's gone on in the last few years.....
Andrews bulkiest purchase, by far, was this corner desk set! He got it for a REALLY low price, SO, we spent a portion of our afternoon cleaning out the boy's room and getting 5 of these 6 pieces inside it!!! I took before and after pictures of their room, but those pictures are still on my camera, so they'll have to wait to get posted 'til another time....

Our fellas--formulating a plan...

That was our day--outside of getting the house cleaned; killing about 50 flies that got in the house while the furniture moving was happening; and my sortof success with a new experimental homemade no-bake cheesecake. :)
OH! About the mystery picture.... Thank you so much to those of you who guessed!
"It" was:
A foam pillow that has magnets attached to it for supposed health benefits. My mom bought the pillow and a matching mattress at her mom's auction sale, but then heard something about them not being so healthy for you as she'd originally heard, so.... Hmmmmm.... Andrew took the pillow out of the case to see what the pillow looked like and, Taa Daaaaa--where he saw a bunch of cool magnets, I was seeing a great mystery picture!
Thanks again for guessing.
Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath/Saturday. ~

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Tamera said...

Have a happy Sabbath!

You guys had an eventful day!

I would NEVER have guessed the mystery picture, lol. I looked at it and realized it looked like a foam mattress or something, but I kept thinking "why would there be buttons on a foam mattress?" he he he