Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Didja know?"

You think you know the Bible?
well, let's test you then and see ~
Can you recite one verse from
Hezekiah 33?

It says that women must not wear
such clothes as manly slacks,
And furthermore, it seems against
the colors: greys and blacks.

And men must not adorn themselves
with earrings, jewels or chains,
"No necklaces of any kind,"
verse 22 explains.

The children must not play with dogs,
it calls them filthy beasts!
Dogs aren't allowed at festivals
or any kind of feasts.

All babies under three weeks old
must not cry after 2,
They must be pacified
with sweets and candy, if they do.

And each camel must be restrained
within the gates by ten,
Camel restraints are made quite clear:
the how, the where, the when.

No one should touch a winged insect,
no swatting pesky flies:
"Pour apple cider on its head
until the insect dies."

Ripe cantaloupes must not be found
within a garden's walls,
Don't pluck an apple from the tree,
but catch it when it falls.

Read it yourself, don't take my word,
I'm sure you'll all agree:
We need to give more thought to
Hezekiah 33. unknown

"A merry heart doeth good,
like a medicine..."
(Proverbs 17:22 KJV)

Happy hunting for that chapter in the Bible!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Cora when you find that book and chapter, tell me which Bible you used. HEE HEE. Did you make up all that garbage????? You're pretty good at it. Have a good day and great Sabbath

Cora said...

That. Was. Awesome. Hehe!

Cora Beth said...

Glad you enjoyed this silliness! No, unfortunately or fortunately, I did not write that... :) I just enjoy passing along things that have made me smile!