Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surprises are fun!

(Sorry about no post yesterday either, but once again, Blogger would not let me get on my blog!)

I just got home from working in town again (4 nights in a row) and I am "Futsch" (which, I learned tonight from one of the residents, means finished, done, had it.... in German) for the week!!!

RANDOM FACT: I found out tonight that the 2 coworkers I was working with this evening both have daughters who are 23 years old (my age). :)

About my title... My brothers and I are arranging a surprise vacation for our parents' 30th wedding anniversary that's coming up in October. (Don't worry. They already know that much, so they can read this! They're even helping to pay for the trip, but they don't know where they're going to...) It's been so much fun making plans and changing plans and remaking plans and booking and scheduling and.............. I can hardly wait for October 10th to come! Actually, I can hardly wait for the 17th, when they get home with stories to tell and pictures to see!

Well, I need to get some sleep. I think tomorrow has farming on the menu for us all--as long as it doesn't rain or snow...


Rachel said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea! :D I hope they'll have a most blessed time out together! :D <3

Oct. 10th will be a fun day for us as Nan is coming for a visit for a week! :D So we'll both have lot's of things to tell each other that week. ;) Hehe!

Love that German word. ;) Lol! We have an older gentleman and his wife in church and our bible study who used to be missionary's to Germany...he knows LOT'S of German words and loves saying them at times to emphasize his bible teachings. ;) HaHa! We love it. :)

Have a most blessed weekend Cora Beth! :D
Love and Hugs!!!!!

Tamera said...

How wonderful!

I'm sure they'll have so much fun!

Kimberly said...

OOOOoo! I love vacations, even someone else's. Can't wait to find out where they went. What a nice thing you children are doing.

Anonymous said...

Cora, your frustration with Blogger is one that I shared, which is one of the main reasons I switched to Wordpress, a MUCH more reliable platform, not to mention much easier to use, more intuitive.