Monday, September 13, 2010

At last...and alas...

I've been having trouble getting onto my blog these last few days and, now that I've gotten on, I can't think of what to post....

Hmmm... I guess there are a few things to share:

Sabbath was a peaceful, restful day at home...
Everyone here is praying for sunny days so the farmers can get the harvest in. I don't ever remember such a wet year!

Mom and I are working on getting apples and tomatoes put up for Winter.

The boys helped out at the Braddock Threshing Bee these last 2 days.

Dad's out grain cleaning.

Our calves were out this morning, so Andrew got them in again, but I got delegated to fix the fence, as he and Jacob needed to head out to the fields.

The Hubbard squash are getting really big!

I'm down to 1 turkey poult, but the 6 older chickens (I raised this spring) are doing well and the 10 baby chickies are all doing well. I'm thinking there maybe is not enough of something in the feed I mix for the chicks to sustain the turkeys? (A mixture of wheat, oatmeal, Azure popcorn, field peas, and salt--all ground together--plus some free-choice grit.)
It is really feeling like Fall these days!

I need to get ready to head to town again for 8 1/2 hours.

That's about all that's new!


Tamera said...

Cora, I'm not a poultry expert, but I think you're on the right track about the turkeys. I think they require a higher protein when they're young. I'm not sure why. Maybe if you have some soybeans, or field peas (which are both very high in protein) that you could grind into the feed, that would sufficiently raise the protein percentage.

Rachel said...

Dear Cora

I'm so glad you managed to get back on the net! :)

I hope there are some dry, sunny days ahead for the farmers - here we are all longing for rain, it's very dry and dusty with 'too much sunny sky'...if only it was possible to swop weather for a while! :)

God bless & lots of love,

Cora Beth said...

Thank you both for writing! :)

I am currently grinding field peas in their mixture, but maybe I need to up the percentage of the peas in my mix? Hmmmm....

I too wish we could swap weather! Sunshine would be wonderful right about now. :)