Monday, December 27, 2010

...And I quote Jacob:

"Cora stayed in town last night, as it was REALLY windy, and there were quite a few big snow drifts in our driveway, so when she was pulling in, she got it stuck on one. So the guys went to the vans rescue after chores, and it is fine now."

Yep. That's what happened!

One of the cooks at the nursing home (who's a friend and neighbor) called me at the n. h. after she got home around 8:00 last night, saying that the roads were horrible and she really advised me to stay in town for the night. Also, to further confirm my decision, the night nurse checked on-line and found that HWY 34 was "Closed" going West, so I called home and told my family I wouldn't be coming. I spent the night in the empty (except for a bed, alarm clock, chair and TV) assisted-living apartment that's used for that purpose, but didn't sleep very well, so I woke up early and went back over to the nursing home. (The two buildings are attached.) One of the morning CNAs had just come over from Hazelton and said that the roads were good, so I could head home if I wished. I did wish. I got home just in time to say good morning to Andrew and go out to chores with him.

That was after I got the van stuck though! The guys dug me out and I baked them some pies as a thank you! :) Then, several hours later, I headed back into town to work again. This time, I made it back home, but am pretty tired now from not sleeping well last night. So, well, you know what I'm going to say I'm sure....

~Good night~
PS. Check out my mom's BLOG for a detailed description of her birthday, complete with pictures.

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