Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick post...

Tonight I am writing to you from our neighbors' computer. :) I've been babysitting their 3 little ones since 12:30 this afternoon and they are now tucked in their beds, fast asleep. I was pondering what to do until the parents get back from town, and decided to write my daily blog post.

Amelia, the twins and I had fun all day--coloring, doing puzzles, watching movies, eating snacks and then getting cleaned up, coloring some more.... then Amelia got her bath and everyone headed for bed. Five stories later, and everyone was sleeping. I have a few pictures to share, perhaps tomorrow, when I'm home and can import them on my computer.

...This post is short though, as the parents just pulled in... I'm glad I only have a mile to drive to get home.

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