Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pictures from home~

My family and I were home ALL DAY together! Wow, what a novelty...

To celebrate, we made our favorite holiday cookies, the ones that Grandpa Harvey used to make every year for Christmas. A combination of Ritz crackers, thick peanut butter and almond bark, these little cookies are a very tasty treat. We ate a few, but I've hid the rest so they last until Mother's birthday, which is what we originally bought the supplies for. :)

Dad decided to share his glasses with Lady this afternoon and, I must say, it did make her look a great deal wiser. :)

I took this picture quite a while ago, when I finished crocheting that baby afghan I wrote about. Here it is:
The pattern is one that our neighbor lady, Gladys taught me, so is special to me. This blanket goes in my hope-chest!
And now, for some fun...
Recently, in the break room at the nursing home, they had these fun pictures that each represent a Christmas song and we were all supposed to try and guess what the songs were. I thought it was fun, so memorized the pictures and quickly drew them when I got home so my family could guess too. They thought I should post them here as well so my readers may guess also, so here they are. If you have any trouble guessing them, let me know and I can give you some clues....
PS. I do not believe in Santa AT ALL, so maybe that's why his hat got to be so funny looking-----because I don't look at him often enough to remember what it's supposed to look like. :)
*Helpful hint* If you click on the pictures, they should come up larger so you can see the pictures easier.
Happy singing~
Also, a quick update of praise may be found on Jonathan's blog, as he came through the surgery well today. PTL!

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