Monday, December 13, 2010

We were all home today--what a miracle!

And what did we do with our time together? Well, we made some tasty things to eat, such as ice cream and onion rings and lentil soup and chicken and a Hubbard squash dish.

Also, there was some more work done on our website/logo project.

Then Mother had a client come out to the farm for a session, so during that time, we all went to our respective rooms and Dad talked on the phone to a farmer friend; Andrew worked on his computer; Jacob played on his computer; and I wrote out some bills and worked on my new crochet project.

The day flew by as we did the usual household things and talked and dreamed and worked and.....

And that's how our day went.

Oh yes, I also received a phone call from Helen at the daycare I've helped out a few times and she was wondering if I could come take care of the children tomorrow. As it "Just so happens" that I don't have to work in town tomorrow, and everyone here was fine with me going, I said "Yes" and will have the pleasure of seeing some of my little friends again and meeting a couple new ones too, so Helen tells me....

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Sonja said...

How lovely Cora Beth! Ice cream right now sounds lovely {despite the cool weather Florida has been having.} ;-)

I hope you have fun working at the daycare! It sounds like an enjoyable task. :-)