Thursday, December 30, 2010

A blizzard!

Snow + wind = blizzard!

We've been praying for the people who are out on the roads today... We've heard there were quite a few accidents East of us a ways and rescue teams were planning to use snowmobiles to get out to the people in need. I'm hoping to be able to find someone in town to work for me tomorrow, as I do not like to travel when the roads are less than desirable for driving on. Plus, I do not wish to work on the Sabbath (which begins at sunset), but I was scheduled to, as it is my holiday to work. If I must work, I've decided to send the proceeds I get to our favorite mission, Gospel for Asia....

But on to the good news! Mom and I made progress on our letter once again today. I'm working on adding pictures now and am nearly done with June. :)

Dad and I also finished putting together the 1,000 piece puzzle that Grandma gave to Mom for her birthday. It was a very challenging one as there were many, MANY different shades of green in the lovely park....

The boys and I separated milk/cream again today, so ice cream making is on the list for tomorrow. Then this evening, we watched a movie we brought home from the library called "Silas Marner". We had listened to the story on cassette tape a couple years ago and it was neat to see the movie stick pretty close to the book.

Well, I'm getting chilly standing here by my computer, so I think I'll turn it off for the night and find some extra warm blankets to huddle under 'til morning.

Sweet dreams~

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