Monday, March 5, 2012

Come see us in Hazelton tomorrow evening!

If you're wondering why we'll be in that small town, you can visit Andrew's blog HERE to learn more!

Also, if you wish to see Mr. Ron Paul, you now have another chance to, as he'll be speaking at the Fargo caucus tomorrow!!!!!! I hope I'll get to meet him someday in person! So far, the 2 times that members of my family have gone and heard him/talked to him, I've had to work, and now tomorrow, my family and I'll be helping Andrew and Mr. M. with setting up/running the Hazelton caucus point, so won't be able to go again. God knows best though, and so I'll wait some more...........

Jacob did a nice post today as well about all of our vehicle "happenings" of late. : ) You can go and congratulate him (HERE) on his purchase of a pickup of his very own!

Thank you so much for your prayers! My dad's tooth-pulling and replacement session went quite well today and, so far, he's not been in too much pain. Praise the Lord!!! He's even been doing quite a bit of talking----AND his smile looks great! :)

Mother bought a cake for me today while in Bismarck (as she won't have time to make one as we'll be very busy tomorrow, and she refuses to have me make my own!), and she had "Them" write "Happy 25th, Cora" on it. While she was checking out, the man at the counter asked,

"What does that say?"

Mother replied and he said he thought that's what it said but wanted to make sure. He told her then that his oldest daughter is named Cora too and asked her to wish me a happy birthday. :) I still have never met another "Cora", although I hear that they're out there, somewhere......

Well, it is time to get some rest, so I shall go and do that little thing. Good night everyone.~

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Nice post, Cora! Thanks for reminding everyone to vote. I hope you meet another Cora someday and please, my dear, smile at everyone tonight. You'll be surprised to see how many people will smile back. ;)