Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It was a wonderful day...

...even if I didn't quite win the game of Settlers we played. :) (Dad did.)

My family made me feel very special and loved! Mother bought me/us 3 new piano duet books, so we had fun playing (or trying to play) all the songs in 2 of the books and a few from the third.

Dad had a dentist check-up appointment this morning and came home with a dozen roses for me---plus ice cream to go with the cake...... I'll share some pictures another time of my lovely and interesting gifts!

Basically, everyone took the day off to spend it with me (outside of doing necessary work and a little shop time for Andrew). They did all the chores and everything, so I had time to read for a while in the book a friend gave us, "Heaven is For Real".... We watched a couple new movies the boys gave me.... And, we ate special food....

How's that for a great birthday?................... I agree--splendid. :)

Oh yes... I also have received many kind notes of birthday cheer on my FaceBook page and 2 of my friends called me on the phone to chat a few minutes (and 1 sang happy birthday to me too). :)

The Lord gave us sunshine most of the day and snow this evening. It truly was a happy day!

"Thank you everyone---for everything!"

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