Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm so excited...

...for tomorrow to come! Andrew talked with Mr. Sorum (hopefully/prayerfully our future governor) this evening and learned that he will also be attending our district convention! :) Plus, he (Paul Sorum) was able to smooth out a few details with our district chairman, issues that we were concerned about in the way the convention was being held, so we were all rejoicing and praising God this evening in our little living room...

We'll have a busy morning, making calls to friends and all, and hopefully we'll have some company after the meeting, if the Ron Paul campaign men are able to stop for supper, etc.... :)

It is sure to be a very interesting day! Please pray for all to go according to God's plan. My parents, Andrew, and I hope to become delegates to the state convention. ~

Hope we'll be able to sleep tonight!

Oh, today was busy too... Mom and I cleaned and cooked/baked, etc... The guys went and bought/picked up something for Andrew (but I'm sure he'll post about that another time).

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