Saturday, March 10, 2012

District #28 convention= over!

It was a long day! We were almost an hour early--so we could get Ron Paul signs put up and get a table reserved and set up for displaying/distributing literature. The actual meeting began at 2:00, and it was a little after 8:00 when we left... We are so thankful for the friends that came to support us! We were disappointed that there were not more people wishing to be Ron Paul delegates, but were very thankful that our friends showed up to vote for us!

I'm tired and feel like going into much detail about the day, but I will say that there were 30 state delegate spots available and there were almost 60 people wishing to be delegates. SO, everyone voted on the people they wished to see get elected. Dad and Andrew tied for the 30th place--so Dad said he'd like Andrew to take the spot, as he doesn't know how busy he'll be at the end of this month anyway. Plus, Andrew likes this kind of thing a little more than my dad does too. Mom and I were pretty close to getting to be delegates (only 5 or 6 votes away), but not quite close enough to be elected, so now we can be alternates if so desired (I'm planning to be one). If a delegate is not able to make it to the convention, there will be a chance for the alternates to take their place there.

There is much more that could be said (especially about how proud we were of Andrew, keeping the precinct meeting following Roberts' Rules and all....), but that will have to wait for another day. He did have several people thank him for his input and a couple said he should be a parliamentarian or district head... Perhaps politics will play a part in his future?

We were pleased to have Mr. Sorum bring his pamphlets/brochures/cards over to our table for displaying-----and Rep. Koppelman also! :)

It was a very educational day!!! Sadly, our Ron Paul friends from the Bismarck office were not able to make it down, but thankfully (Praise the Lord!) things went pretty well and, as Andrew had been through this procedure several times already, he knew a lot about what to be looking for........

And now, dear friends, I will say "Good night". Pictures to come in the future, sometime.

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
What an interesting day it was! I, too, was so proud of Andrew that I almost popped off buttons. He has always been a leader and now I see how his type of personality is perfect for politics at some level. How hard it is to let him go into that boxing ring, but you know him, if he's not smart enough to outsmart them, he'll duck in a delightful way. Oh where, oh where, has my little boy gone?