Saturday, March 17, 2012

We dug out the Bocce balls...

This afternoon was so pleasantly warm and sunny (in the 70s!), it's hard to believe there's a chance of snow on Tuesday! This certainly has been an odd year already, temperature wise.
My brothers and I played several games of Bocce and then just enjoyed swinging on the swings for a while and talking.
We had hoped to have company today, but they weren't able to make it, so we had plenty of food for supper!
It was a very nice, relaxed day. Just what we needed before the "Storm" of the following busy weeks hits.... This coming weekend is the annual homeschool conference, which we plan to attend and help with. Then, the following week is the GOP convention, which we also plan to go to. :) Oh, we had some very good news today! Our district chairman called and talked to Dad and told him that someone decided not to go to the convention, so now Dad can be/will be a delegate!!!!!!! Hooray!
"Thank you, Father in Heaven!"
So, yes, it was a good day.

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Shannon said...

Bocce ball is a sweet and peaceful game... and time with siblings is always to be cherished!