Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First day of "Nannying"...

Here are a few pictures of "My" new little girls: :)

Johanna, investigating the contents of my camera case....

I tried getting a nice picture of the 2 sisters together, but baby Tracey wasn't feeling too photogenic right at that time. Her pacifier kept falling out of her mouth and she didn't like that too well... Aren't they adorable though?

She was looking surprised after she tipped the empty water jug over...

Shortly after getting in from outside...

Look at all that pretty hair (and those tired eyes)!

It was a beautiful day, with sunshine everywhere. :)

I had a pleasant time with my new babysit-ees, Johanna and Tracey Jo (I enjoy their parents too)! I spent most of the day with the baby (11 weeks old) in my arms, so some of my arm muscles are a little sore tonight, but I enjoyed it all very much. :) I also had a chance to finish the book I was working my way through, "Heaven is For Real"--a very interesting, true story. The girls and I went outside for about an hour and enjoyed the beautiful weather, sitting on the grass and, later, I gave the girls a ride in the wagon for a while which they really enjoyed. One of their dogs, "Stash" thought it was great fun to play "Toss-and-catch" with a small ball we found lying by some evergreen trees....

Our phones have been ringing nearly non-stop this evening, with so many people wanting to get on Dad and Andrew's grain cleaning list, which is a blessing, but can seem overwhelming at the beginning of the season. (They hope to start tomorrow.)

Mom and Jacob went to Bismarck today, as Jacob needed the wheels realigned/balanced on his pickup and he and Mother had an appointment with our Natropath Doctor friend, Dr. Faye....

I hope that Spring is really and truly here now! Several hundred geese are stopping in our corn field tonight. The dogs keep barking at them. :)


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
What adorable little girls. I can see why you prefer caring for them and the diapers are smaller. ;) I'm so happy that they found you, my dear!
Spring is wonderful after a difficult Winter. I wonder if we'll appreciate it as much after this past one?
I love you dear Cora!

Kimberly said...

The babies are darling.

We, too, are enjoying the early spring. I saw my first robins this morning. Hearing all the "spring" birds just lifts my heart.


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dearest Cora,
It has been forever since I've said hello here, lately.
So greetings in the Name of Jesus! :) And how do you do? :)

Anyways, I wanted to say I love the pictures of the babies... they are so dear and so precious. Children are such a great treasure. The Lord is Good. I know you will be a good nanny for them. :)

Enjoying spring here too. The flowers blooming here and yonder. The bradford pear trees are already getting leaves. I do pray we won't get a killing frost now though.
Praise the Lord for all things, and bless His Name.

Must run. Have cheese and bread making.
May the Lord Jesus bless you.
In Him,Carra