Friday, March 30, 2012

Short post...

This will be short, as I'm heading for bed early so as to be able to wake up early, feeling refreshed. Andrew cleaned grain all day until about 6:00, when he finished the job he was working on; folded up; and came home to shower quick and head for Bismarck to get in on the Ron Paul meeting/planning with other district heads and campaign leaders..... Jacob and I had all his things ironed and packed for him (plus some supper) so he could head out the door as fast as possible.

Dad is still out cleaning....

Mom finished working up a field, but then had a blooper when she was bringing the tractor and disc back into the yard and knocked over the mailbox. Jacob and I set up a temporary box so we can still get our mail while trying to figure out a better plan for how to mount it.

It's been a full day.

Please join us in praying for God's will to be done tomorrow and the following day at the ND GOP (Republican) convention! There are many important decisions that will be made there, decisions that will affect the Country we live in.

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*~Virginia~* said...

Wow, busy day!!!! I love to hear about the farming and everything! :) Keep those posts coming! :)