Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eventful day...

Dad and the boys worked outside for most/all the day.

Mother spent a good portion of the day in Bismarck, doing health sessions for clients; running errands; and putting up signs for the next JBS meeting being held at the public library.

I cleaned the kitchen up somewhat this morning, then headed over to meet some "Neighbors" (they live about 12 miles away) who have asked me to watch their 2 little girls (1 is an 11 week old baby and the other is a year and several months :) ) once a week, or more if it works out. They all seemed very nice and the girls are very adorable and very smiley!!! :) While there, I had asked about their neighbors, as it seemed like they lived out in the middle of nowhere. The mother was telling me then about these 2 sisters (young, former Hutterite women) who moved in last August and who like to ride their horses---sometimes down past their place....

Later, when I was back at home making lunch for the guys and myself, a young woman stopped in to buy one of the computers Andrew had listed on BisManOnline. When she came in the house, I thought to myself, "She looks like a home schooler..." While visiting a little bit, it came out that, yes, she had been home schooled; she was now living with her sister West of us a ways; that they like to ride and train horses; and that they moved there last August. Did you just put 2 and 2 together too? :) Nice "Coincidence", right? I asked her then if the couple I'd just met earlier today were their neighbors, and she confirmed the fact... Small world! I love how God times things like that! If I'd waited one more day to go to the M's house, (which I was considering doing), I would not have known they were neighbors and maybe would not have found out where this young woman lived or very much about her... Neat!

After lunch, I took Andrew's newly-fixed black Stratus to town (he's letting me test-drive it for him!), and worked a very busy 8 hours at the nursing home. I made it back in one piece----and with Andrew's car in the same amount of pieces. :)

I praise the Lord for His protection of us all, especially on such busy days!

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