Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Babies and stars~

I spent my afternoon over at our neighbors' house babysitting. :) The mother needed to take one of the twins to Bismarck for a doctors appointment and asked that I watch their other 2 children--which I was happy to do!

Here is smiley Michael (7 months old)...

And here's energetic Amelia (2 years old)...

I took most of these pictures while Amelia was down for her nap, so that's why there's more of baby Michael than of her. Isn't he a darling? He only cried when I left the room to check on Amelia, and he fell asleep in my arms twice...
I tried getting a picture of us together by taking it in the big bathroom mirror, but that didn't work the best...
I get to watch these little ones again next week Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to that.
The best part of the day though, probably, was coming home to Mom and the boys working on cutting up apples--with a fry sausage and fresh potatoes cooking besides. :)
This evening, we all watched an amazing documentary that Andrew had bought for Dad and Mom (for their anniversary present.) It was called, "Star of Bethlehem". The movie was absolutely awe inspiring--to realize that God orchestrated the stars so long ago to make for this wonderful and significant display in the sky... My family and I would HIGHLY recommend this video to one and all!
We serve such an awesome God!!!


Hannah said...

Babies and small children are so precious! I need to get ready to go...we are going to help my sister paint...more baby time!!!!!

Dilvin said...

Babies and little children are so enjoyable to be with!
looks like you had lots of fun Cora! They are so cute!
yesterday my sister came over, I had a nice time with my nephews.

I have to make yogurt too! Tomorrow I am going to teach my friend how to make feta.

I never got back with you about natural leavened bread. So now I will: It is made with no commercial yeast at all. Only flour, water and salt. It is a process that takes several days. But it is worth it.
It makes a very healthy ,flavorful,thick crusted, soft crumbed wonderful bread!

Well better get going!
still have to do the milking!

Have a great day!

Miss Jen said...

Awww..... PRECIOUS!!! :)
Aren't babies the best?!
Pure Delight.... Gifts from

Love always~ Miss Jen

Rachel said...

Aww, so sweet! He has the sweetest, chubbiest, cheeks! :D Aww, he fell asleep twice! I bet it's that nice warm looking sweater you have on. ;) It looks cozy and snugly! I love it! It looks so lovely on you too! :D I am glad you had a joyous time.

Blessings dear friend!